Brazzel Finished In Hamilton

It's all but official according to Eric Tillman. Brazzel exchanged for some guy named Peterson from Winnipeg. Probably Scott Peterson, knowing Lancaster's capacity for doing anything right. I hope Brazzel plays next week and makes Lancaster look like the idiot that he is, just waiting to have proven some more by somebody. Why doen'st Lancaster admit that senility has gotten the best of him? All he's doing is proving what a horrible manager he is by bringing in guys and then having to release them, or not bringing in guys and then having to go get them? I know this is a Brazzel thread but my sentiments on Ron Lancaster are changing from disgust and derision to mild hatred.

Do you know what you got! First of K Peterson the guy that can not catch if you handed him the ball. I understand Brazzel was causing problems in the dressing room do not need that but Peterson ouch.

Kamau Peterson didnt do nothing in Winnipeg and sure aint going to do anything in Hamilton. Peterson cant catch thats final!!!

Hmm it seems this team just lost it's best receiver and best chance of avoiding 0-18. The way things are going, I wonder if 0-18 will happen?

Well, I don't know about 0-18, but we're falling to at least 0-7, I can tell you that. The only way this club will finally realize that their coaches are all very bad, including Marshall, is if they continue losing and that is the tough love that I am hoping opens their &$#@ eyes.

First Brazzel ,now Cavil...back to the future ,rent it tonight...