Brannagan Playing for Argos

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It is a pretty big thing I think, having another Canadian QB finally playing in the league.

What do the forum goers think of this kid? Could he be a starter or second string QB for the argos in like 2 years?

Also what do you think of Argo’s depth at QB?

Ignoring the fact that lemon isn’t great to begin with, Bell was really impressive and in his first game ever Brannagan didn’t mess anything up.

Brannagan looked slow. Ya it's his first ever action and he's got lots to learn but he just doesn't look like he really could get it done if it really meant something..

Arg's are looking good at qb, for 2011.
Branagan will be a good CFL Qb, if they stay the course.IMHO

I have to second that he looked REALLY slow out there. The two swing passes to Durie too forever to get to the sidelines. It really looked like CIS calibre quarterbacking in garbage time in a nothing game.

He's going to have to improve greatly on his arm strength and quicken his reads and release if he's going to ever dress in meaningful games.

If he wasn't Canadian, he would've been trashed long ago.I'm all for Canadians getting a chance but if they're not good enough yet, they're not good enough.


and this, Lady's and Gentlemen! are why there are no starting Canadian QB's in the CFL today, tomorrow or in the next how many years.

talent level is way behind.

I've seen lemon take 3 times as long to do nothing.

I don't think it's necessarily talent level that is behind - it has more to do with CIS QBs not having the same level of coaching and competitiveness growing up that American QBs get. You could have all the talent in the world but if it's not developed you aren't going to have the same success as a player with lesser talent who has been developed.

I liked Duane Forde's suggestion about CFL teams bringing in CIS QBs to TC so they can benefit from the coaching and playing levels.

Just watched snippets of the game and saw the highlights, not too bad, throws a nice ball. Not sure if he could become a bona fide starter in the CFL but has talent no question.

ya but it's not like you can then take Brannagan and breed him off and then have a few little Brannagan's with more football ability.

you need to start at the same age that American players do.

many players start young like at age 9! they play through Minor Football and then into HS football. and by the time they reach HS they already have 6-7 years of football in them. and then HS they get great coaching!

the coaching they get is comparable to our University coaching.

so when you think about it, they'll already have possibly 9 years of football behind them when they start College!

there are some players that go and start at HS football and are really good. but they have sooo many players that play that they find the talented ones and leave the not so talented ones behind.

up here in most cities with HS football, the coaching is pretty basic. and not too many teams get 60-70 guys out for spring camp.. they get 30-40 sometimes.

Minor football in Canada has really grown since the 80's.. but it's got a long way to go before it even gets close to the US ranks, but even then the sheer #'s are the difference.

Can't wait until the cries of "he wasn't given a chance" begin. If you truly want to one day see a Canadian earning a starting QB spot, you need to begin developing them at more of a grassroots level. As of now American qbs get individual coaching in high school that is equivalent or better than CIS coaching. By the time they hit college, that gap widens into a massive canyon. You can't attempt to mandate your way to a starting Canadian QB.

absolutely correct.

you can't start one just for the sake of having a Canadian at QB!

if they're not ready, you cannot play them!

it's cool, but he won't be playing QB in any important games any time soon.

and Bell showed why he should've been the starter all year long..

This is quite true, but you also can't simply write an under-experienced Canuck off just because he's Canadian either. Given extra time, even years, to develop at the pro level could be exactly all that's needed for select underdeveloped players with an abundance of talent. Take Israel Idonije with the Bears for example. Though not a QB, he was a walk-on at the NFL combine, was signed by the Bears as an undrafted free agent, spent a year on the practice roster, then took 8 years to have a career game. If this isn't a team that recognized talent and was patient while the player developed then there is no such team.

How long did Bell spend on Sasks P.R. 2 seasons?

Brannagan looked the same as in the C I S _poised and confident, no happy feet, No I N T,s
He lead his team on a successful scoring drive. Check his stats

Great to hear Ford,s comments on C I S QB,s at CFL training Camps :thup:

Only way you can find out if a player is truly worth keeping in the long-term is to give him playing time. If he fails on the field, he fails on the field. If he succeeds on the field, he succeeds on the field. It'll be harder with Brannagan to get enough meaningful time to prove it one way or another, but still a bit easier than it would be for him on any other team atm. Barker seems genuinely committed to seeing what might or might not happen. Couldn't hurt the Argos any worse than spending the mondo amounts of money pre-cap era and time post-cap era that they have on american castoffs that didn't bring home the bacon and pack the fans. Was watching Ken Burns' Baseball The Tenth Inning, the Argos need a Cal Ripken Jr. hero story that can inspire the fans to pack the stand. The documentary ascribes much of the recovery of baseball after the '94 strike to the rappport he built and hours he spent with baseball fans when the league returned to play. Brannagan won't be that for the Argos and a half-empty Rogers Centre, but the best teams are those built in the long-term, and Brannagan fits the narrative of building raw but uncertain talent in-house rather than trying to buy a Championship.

Right on, Mass! If people had seen Brannagan play they would know he's cool as a cucumber. It looks like it won't get done and bingo, you've got a Vanier Cup.This kid can do it, not over night, but in due time. He doesn't have to learn the rules like an American and i think the Argos might have done better if he was given the opportunity. The CIS can produce O linemen, safeties, lots of special team players and a receiver or two. Why can't we have homegrown QBs. Might it have something to do with so many American GMs and coaches?

A CIS qb would have to be so exceptional to overcome the lack of intensity here in Canada in the CIS, outside of football, that they are exposed to in the US. College qb's coming here from the US have been under much more media and fan pressure in the US and have been used to playing in front of larger crowds with more pressure on them. It is understandable why coaches would favour Americans at this position. I mean most CIS qb's only play in front of a few thousand people, and then all of a sudden you're supposed to tell them to perform in front of 30,000 people that are loudest at say Mosaic Stadium and then around 50,000 in front of millions watchign at Grey Cup? That is a lot to ask of someone in this important position. I would be inclined to go with Americans at this position as well.

obviously their first game isn’t a grey cup…

Introduce them to the game as a third string QB, then as a second and eventually they get a few starts and are used to the pressure by that time, it works no differently then working in an American QB.

yea but what CFL coach would want to spend so much time on grooming and teaching and preparing a Canadian QB, that could take a lot of his valuable time, when he has American QB's that are available to readily, and have more talent and more skills? They don't have the time or Money to spend on that.