Brandon's Blitz Picks: Powell looking for second passing TD

Not quite perfect, but Blitz Picks will gladly take an 8-2 record in Week 11. With our record now at 65-45, let’s see if Week 12 can finally be the one where perfection resides.

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My Ti-Cats are struggling this year - they weren’t supposed to be in this position with the signing of Mitchell. I’m not blaming him - injuries are part of the game But my poor Tabbies are getting hit big time with QB injuries - but again no excuses - the fact is none of the big names are playing well, plus their defensive and O-line are highly questionable. My hope is that their basic pride and abilities will start coming through to make this season somewhat enjoyable for their faithful fans, Oskee-wee-wee!

I would argue Butler, Edwards and Thurman are Free Agent signings that have actually been playing well all season. Williams has shown flashes. Overall I agree with what you are saying though.

I work 4 days a week wedsenday-saturday. I get off @ 630 p.m. the first half of the season the scheduling was great. Evening games one per day thursday-sunday. I loved that!
Second half of the season scheduling changes. Early kickoffs, two or three games aday.
Calgarys got themselves in a hole. A win against bombers would have givin them momentum heading into toronto. Wake up dickerson.

The offensive line struggles every season it appears . Same old issues arise each season. This year a standout running back in Butler has produced some decent rushing stats but the lack of time for Powell along with his inability to find the open receiver at times has left the Tigercats with an ineffective offense especially when you look at passes over 20 yards. ( almost negligible ). We don’t know what this team’s record would be had Bo not gotten injured but he wasn’t exactly looking like he was ready to have a year that everyone expected. They have produced boring, stupid and losing football which is gonna result in this team being in the " who wants to see this crap " attitude amongst fans especially after Labour Day when the NFL kicks in!