Brandon Zylstra signs with the Minnesota Vikings

Congrats to Brandon Zylstra on signing with the Vikings.

Gonna say his short time in the CFL drew a lot of attention and can only bode well for the CFL as a league that can be the springboard to an NFL shot.

Would think and hope his success will only increase the numbers that will look to the CFL for opportunity.

Good call Joe. But not there yet. No signing Bonus, No year contract just on reserve. Minimum pay.
In spring if all works out well, maybe a practice roster spot OR makes team.
Still 60% chance Brandon will be back in Sept.

Wasn't up on the no signing bonus to be honest so temper the enthusiasm a bit I suppose.

Thinking Zylstra coming from Fargo pretty well makes him a hometown boy for the Vikings and may factor into his situation there.

Still an awesome receiving corp with or without.

They only get something like 100k/year for undrafted FA signing bonuses now, which includes CFL players making a go at it. If they can bring a guy on board without one now they will. Any cash is a big sign now. It is rare that they get more than a futures/reserve offer at this point...though it does happen

What are Futures Contracts Worth?
Typically, futures contracts are minimum-salary deals with little or no signing bonus. Most players signed to futures contracts will be fighting for a spot in camp; teams aren't going to invest much into players who may well be cut the following autumn. Could pay off big time for teams and player signed.

Zylstra may have come to a perfect situation in the NFL. Diggs and Thielen are both receivers that are great but don't play the slot. Zylstra made his living in the slot and if he is as explosive and shifty as he showed in the CFL could be the Vikings slot receiver or 4th on the depth chart.

Good for him, but I want him back in green and gold sooner than later haha