Brandon Whitaker may not return

Was reading that the Alouettes have made him a couple offer in spite of his knee being at 70 percent strenght and he's turned it down. He claims he wants to try his hand at the NFL. I'm not sure if he's trying to get a better offer from the team but there is a possibility the Als may just walk away.

Can you post links whenever you report stories like this, Hfx?

I will not be surprised if Brandon Whitaker tries the NFL; wish him luck,if so. While he is/has been a good player for the Als, he will be adequately replaced.


I do most of the time.

Okay, so can you post the link to this particular story?

No because I don't remember where I read it, sorry. But I'm sure if you put his name, nfl and the word contract in google you can in about 5 seconds :slight_smile:

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Doesn't sound too bad. He wants to try the NFL, but rehabbing is first and foremost for him right now. In any case, with Jennings on the roster, we're not crippled if Brandon leaves.

coming off a serious knee injury and at 70% right now, not sure if he will get a serious look let alone a chance to stay.

Anyway, best of luck if this is where he lands.

Can you imagine the scenario. Brandon turns the Als offer down and then Trestman gives Kackert a tryout :lol:

Kackert makes the team and Whitaker gets placed on the PR. :wink:

Chris Jennings looked good and Victor Anderson and Noel Devine plus anyone added in the offseason gives them some depth.

My choice would be to have Whitaker and Jennings; a new Offensive Co-ordinator could have some fun with a two-back set on occasion, and both are good blockers so it wouldn't always tip a run.

Si on a Whitaker, on est plus dangereux qu'avec Jennings. Whitaker bloque aussi bien, il a beaucoup plus d'accélération et de meilleurs mouvements latéraux. Il est meilleur receveur en ce qu'il gagne plus de terrain après l'attrapé. Les adversaires jongleraient plus avec Whitaker sur le terrain qu'avec Jennings. Sur ces points, Anderson ressemble plus à Whitaker, mais il est aussi moins bon receveur que ce dernier.

J'aime Jenings en ce qu'il est un coureur en puissance, mais son accélération et sa vitesse de pointe demeurent à améliorer, chose difficile à faire à ce stade-ci de sa progression.

It's all moot at the moment, considering that we have no idea what kind of offense the new head coach and OC will install. If we're continuing West Coast, then our need for Whitaker is urgent. If we plan on using a power back and building on the jumbo sets and tight end reliance we saw in the second half of last season, Jennings is a better fit.

To be honest with you guys. I'm not expecting Brandon back.

I'm not either, but it's not the end of the world. Running back is the easiest position to replace and we've already got a stud (Jennings) on the roster.

We had an all star DB who could not get an offer after an ACL and Jim has made two or three offers to Brandon and he's not signed. I'm not sure if he's holding out with the hope that Trestman will invite him to camp or if he's eyeing the Toronto job (Kackert) still not signed as well.

And if he thinks he can get an NFL opportunity coming off a serious injury that frequently ends the careers of running backs, he's dreaming. I dunno. At this point, I have no expectations. Brutus effed us pretty good; now it's just a question of whether his replacement can pick up the pieces and hold us steady through the 2013 season, give the team confidence and reassure players and coaches about our stability as a franchise...

Whitaker may not even be as effective a back now as he was prior to the knee injury.

Exactly. He's a big question mark at the moment and he's holding out for what exactly? Not sure he's getting the best advice from his agent here...

It's alright, let him take a shot at the NFL "if" he manages to get one. Als did fine when Jennings was back there. And surely between now and TC there will be others who come to TC.