Brandon Whitaker 9 game IR

Als have placed Brandon Whitaker on the nine game. Obvious there is some kind of partial tear to his hamstring at the very least. I guess that means we don't run the ball for the rest of the season.

I said early on in this season, just by the the quality of play I was seeing on the field that I didn't hold out much hope for the typical Als' season to which we have been treated for more than a decade.

Yes, the new HC didn't help the situation, but AC knows how to sling passes, but wasn't that successful, our all-star receivers were dropping passes left and right, our vaunted O-line was allowing sack after sack, and then the season-ending injuries started racking up. The D, however, has been playing ferociously over the last few games so that at least is some consolation.

We are breaking in a rookie QB who may not prove to be "the next guy"; it might ultimately be someone else. The release of Jennings was a shocker to me and I would say that if he's still available and interested, to get him back - pronto!

As for the rest of the season, I see this as a transition period where the Als will have to experiment with Marsh, Neiswander, and Smith. Where receivers are concerned, I have been impressed with Carter, but both SJ and London have to step up. Maybe it's the playcalling, maybe it's a series of rookie nerves.

So, I repeat that I have no great expectations this season, even for a berth in the playoffs. If the Als go on a tear and start racking up consecutive Ws, I'll be very happy, but that doesn't seem to be in the cards this year.

More bad news; his season is probably done; either he or Anthony won't return for the regular 2013 season. I do hope that 1 or 2 RBs will be brought/evaluated.

What's next?


Can we put Jim Popp on the nine game ? :cowboy:

He should never have come back early from rehab. Terrible news.

I don’t think the two injuries are related. But its clear he’s not built like Pringle or Cobourne. If the Als want to stick with him they will need to make sure they have two RB they TRUST.

Hard not to think they’re unrelated. Overcompensating for one injury frequently leads to another. In any case, yeah, he’s too brittle to be an every-down back. But whatever, it’s not like we’d use him properly even if he were healthy. When Whitaker is at his most dangerous, it’s as a dual-threat running and receiving. But we barely use our RB in the short passing game this year, and I don’t get why. Having a check-release option is great for taking the heat off enemy blitzes, especially for a young QB like Marsh.

You mean how Toronto beat us this weekend ? :lol:

I know, right? What burns me is that instead of working up the RB screen / flare game, we spent time in practice on crap like that flea-flicker…

The Als backfield: Devine, can't hold on to the ball, Sutton: ?? he had one promising game and in another failed the test. Lumbala: rookie, showed nothing to date, failed in running the ball up close to yard marker. in another game made a huge error, can't recall specifics of this.Sutton, was decent in one game, in a second did not impress, Whitaker joins the list of very good players who were struck down by injuries. In last rush he was downed before being tackled. He is injury prone, and I don't see much in his future.Messam, best back to date in the receiving position, gets extra YAC yards. He has not been used enough re receiving .As a runner he has power yet failed twice to gain the yard required for Td. Lavoie must be doing great as a blocking back, otherwise he has not produced both in the running nor passing game.,
As a group, none of these guys have impressed. Best of the bunch is Messam who, in a recent game twice failed to get a TD from the 1 yard line. I do think that MARSH needs to involve backs in the passing game through screen and checkoff plays. His running has been helpful as. in prior years we had no running from the QB position.
Does anyone on this site believe we have a missing link here?

They need to use Messam’s strengths. He is not an east-west runner, so they should not be using him on sweeps. In the passing game, he seems best when the ball is in front of him (vis-a-vis the line of scrimmage) or is running a short crossing route and gets lead by the ball. He doesn’t seem to do as well on swing passes where the ball is behind him and he needs to make a 120ish degree turn to go forward. Whitaker had the ability to make quick turns without losing speed, Messam is more a head of steam runner.

Jerome has a bad habit of putting the breaks on instead of pushing the pile. I don’t quite understand it. There must be a reason but he needs to correct that if he wants to become a mainstay at the position.

Does anyone know what happened with Jennings. He seamed like a good prospect last year.

Peut-être qu’il ménage ses genoux?

I’m thinking more he’s so big he does not want to hurt his own linesmen.