Brandon Stewart unlikely to be back next year

per Arash Madani

Arash Madani ?@ArashMadani 3m3 minutes ago
Per #CFL sources: Don't expect Brandon Stewart, who was exposed badly in the Grey Cup, to be returning to the #Ticats in 2015.

He was signed as a free agent last season so he must be making a pretty good paycheck
With Giguere also not returning it will open up some needed cap money for replacements for Breaux and Stewart

I'm just speculating here, but I think Giguere wasn't making THAT much coin. From what Drew wrote, Stewart played Field Corner in Winnipeg. He just wasn't good enough to play DHB against the best SB in the league. He also took FAR too many roughing, OC, DPI, other questionable penalties throughout the season.

Honestly, he was on my "better off gone" list (which includes Filer and O'Neil, among others). Great guy, veteran presence, but a detriment to the team.

Stewart was the D's weak link last year,and is very replaceable as far as I can see. I would love to see Gainey get a shot at a starting position next season as I was very impressed with him whenever he was on the field plus he was very versatile as a rotational player as well as a key cog on special teams. Emanuel Davis is also still around and although for whatever reason he was a mostly healthy scratch for most of the 2nd half of the season,he is more than capable of replacing Stewart and regaining his starting position that he held at the beginning of the season. Barring that I'm sure that there should be a few good DB's that will be available on the FA market in February. IMO no big deal if we let Stewart go or trade him,he is an easy replacement and with Gainey and Davis available,he won't be missed that much in our secondary. I agree with Displaced also that Stewart took far too many unnecessary penalties throughout the season and was absolutely lit up and exposed by Green in the final game of the season and in the East Final and his overall play last season was up and down like a toilet seat.

I thought Stewart was going to be a great "under the radar" signing going into this season. I wonder if the change in position did not fit his skills and abilities? He'll catch on somewhere. Ottawa???

Hold the phone on all the Stewart is gone talk,it now seems like Drew is waffling on it and posted this follow up report.

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Stewart was a fine player. He switched positions and it didn't take as well as hoped. But even if the secondary was full of all-stars, someone is going to get burned every now and then. Stewart got beat more than every now and then, but I don't think that warrants an out-and-out release. Personally, I think they should try him at Breaux's old spot. He has played wide-side corner before, so playing short-side corner might not be as big an adjustment. He will still be lined up against top-level receivers, but I think he might perform better there than at halfback. I hope Drew's second report is more accurate than Madani's. I would like to see Stewart back next season.