Brandon Peguese

After reading some of the less-than-complimentary things said about him out of BC, I felt the need to share my story about what I saw and heard during the autograph session.

As I was walking around I saw a group of kids standing around Peguese. I must admit based on what I read about him, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. What I saw and heard was something so different than what I read. He was so great with the kids. He asked all of their names and chatted with eat one of them as he signed the autograph. He asked them what their favourite class in school was and one of them basically said that except for gym school was awful. He told him that if he stays in school long enough he can run the world. I welcomed him to Hamilton and he was very pleasant and appreciative. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in what others say about someone that we don't give them a chance before rushing to judgement. I just wanted to say thanks to him for being so amazing and sending such a positive message to the kids.

great story Banshee.
and yes, Peguese seems like a great amiable guy, as were all the Cats players who were involved in the on-field autograph session.

To sit through such an entertaining game, and cap it off off with a players' meet-and-greet, made for a truly memorable afternoon/evening.

Uber thanks to the entire team and management for accomodating us rabid fans. (or as I like to say, "Radical Catsfanist") :stuck_out_tongue:

That's great to hear & thank-you for sharing & letting it be known for all to read.

Awesome :thup:

I still don't want him being too nice on the field though. :twisted:

My grandson and I had an opportunity to speak with Brandon as well after the game. Nice young man who made an effort to be personable and accommodating. I realize this is only one game, but this kid can really move and generate some serious QB pressure. Good on him and good on the Cats for finally mixing things with aqurieing several new DL and sending the blitz.......... the four man pressure is great however, the four man pressure and a well timed blitz spells defensive success.

My buddy and I were sitting in Box J, a couple of rows behind the bench, and, at the end of the game, we had a wonderful interaction with Peguese. He seems to be an extremely likeable young man, who is grateful to be here in Hamilton. You never know when someone realizes that they are in a good place, where it is safe to show one's good side. I think that Brandon Peguese has found his niche, and he understands how much love is coming his way. My friend and I think very highly of Brandon, and we welcome him here to Steeltown, to renew his career, and become part of the great Tiger-Cat Family. Now, onward to the Grey Cup!

the best thing about him i noticed is after he got a sack, or made a nice tackle - he didnt jump around like an idiot, simply got up n walked away likes hes been there before, ready for the next play. i understand celebrating gets ur players excited.. but when its 1st n ten u get a sack, celebrate like u won a grey cup then allow a first down on the 2nd down you look dumb. this guys seems very nice from what you guys are saying and i think hes got a good head on his shoulders for acting like a pro. if hes reading this forum welcome to steel city brandon, we need more players like you. :rockin:

he was having a blast playing! he was sick as a dog, made plays and then was dancing at the line of scrimmage between plays! football is supposed to be fun, looks to me like he's found a place to play.

welcome to Hamilton Brandon!

Brandon: You play some great football. Keep up the great work and

welcome to Hamilton. :thup:

Great to hear that about Brandon. He played excellent on Saturday and I congradulate him on his first sack in his first game as a Tiger-Cat and I hope he gets many more in the next few years. Maybe this is a guy whose jersey I'll want to get down the road. It's great to have a defensive player to get excited about, because when you need a stop you know they'll be there. Stevie Baggs was that for me in 2010. It might be a lot to ask for but I'd like to see the cats have a good streak going of not allowing any points and start allowing only a handful of a course of a few games. My faith would be greatly restored if I saw that.

I wouldn't judge somebody's entire character and persona based on one 30 second interaction. I've sure we've all known people or characters who appear to have an amiable personality in public but behind closed doors behave like raving lunatics.

That being said I hope Brandon Peguese genuinely works out for the Cats because he seems to have tremendous potential. Hopefully his problems in BC were an anomaly and what you all witnessed during the autograph session is the true Brandon.

Obviously I wouldn't either, but my point is that I'm not judging his whole character based on stuff I've heard second hand out of BC