Brandon Middleton Released

Former NFL kick-returner Brandon Middleton was released from the practice roster. I guess he showed nothing in practice to justify getting him into the line-up. Too bad, our kick return game needs some vast improvement.
8) Our kick return game has needed vast improvement for several years now !! :wink:

McDaniel is in the top 3 across all return stats. The whole CFL this season hasn't had many good returns. Kick cover is a skill all teams are good at this year. Someone wrote a story about this in the last couple days. Forget where I saw it.

The coverage teams have improved vastly you sure don't see the run backs you you did years back.

Cover team is decent (stunk against Calgary), but blocking for McDaniel is a joke.

I agree... you always pick on the returner... but where is the wedge.. and also remember on some of these returns we have been doing a good job of getting to the kicker... and even blocking --- you cant have it both ways

i say mcdaniel is doing great... and he has good hands... the number one preq. for a returner.