Brandon McDonald released

The guy was brought in because he had experience...he was not evolving with the D though and has been released

I know a few days back I kinda indicated some questions as to if Francis was busting on plays or if it was the DB...and the DB in question was McDonald...this is an indication that it probably was McDonald. I know Francis is still missing stuff...but he is a rookie learning a new role and seems to evolve with each game...but that side of the field with Brandon McDonald had steady communications issues leading to breakdowns. The other big one was when Campbell was forced into action...but again...that is a rookie and new to his role so learning.

Brandon McDonald has a few seasons of starting in the NFL + CFL experience...he had to show better than this. Perhaps he will be picked up elsewhere and fit their scheme better

Will be interesting to see what happens here...Dixon...Campbell...Brooks back early....something else...

I think it was against BC and Campbell was in and there were two receivers going deep, one down the middle and the other on th side lines poor Campbell left covering both. The poor bugger did he best he could by staying in the middle of the two and reacted to whoever got the ball but of course a big gain came out of it . I know he took a bit of heat from that play but what was he to do? Someone else should have rotated to the middle and leave Campbell the guy on the outside. That didn't happen though so it did look real bad on him. I thought at the time someone blew their assignment.

So that leaves Jackson and Gainey as the only imports back there?

I'll say it again because it's true over and over and over again. Teams that stash all their Canadians in the secondary don't win very much.

The NAT talent level is not there at all, no matter what depop says.

Where have I said the National talent level was where it needed to be? I haven't. I have said it is improved and I said I liked where it is heading long term. I have...on the contrary to saying the level is fine...stated it takes more than 1 year to fix the NI mess that this team was in...and I have said this repeatedly. I have said the body of NI starters (when healthy) is better....I have said the overall NI depth is better....I have said the team needs 1 and probably 2 more ratio starters....I have not said the level is where it needs to be at all...not sure where you came up with that one.

That said, Campbell has some actually potential to play in the secondary for some meaningful no means is that assured...but there is potential. Where he becomes a really nice depth guy is if Elie Bouka makes his way to the Riders.

The Riders also have Brooks...but he is finishing off his 6.