Brandon London

Les Alouettes ont mis sous contrat le receveur Brandon London, qui avait été retranché du camp des Steelers.

À 6' 4", 210 livres, il pourrait aussi être une grosse cible pour nos quarts. Il aura bientôt 26 ans.

Je suis suprise l'equipt se ponche sur de noveaut recepteurs. Est-ce une position n'ecessitant le plus aide?

Peut-etre l'equipe ne souffrent de leurs recepteurs. Cahoon, DEsriveaux sont de petite taille main d'autres sont ok. Perhaps l'equipe cherche maintenant a remplacer avec un autre homme grand!

Maybe since they got burned twice by Carr from Winnipeg (2 TD),who's a massive tower of a receiver, the ALs got to thinking of signing one for themselves.

Wow OK

So this is the signing someone was mentioning before?
Not that I mind some new talent on the team
But some help on special teams
And perhaps in the secondary might be a bit more of a priority

And if they wanted a BIG GUY
Maybe they should have thrown one pass to OJ Santiago
Before sending him on his way

Yes, the Als have signed a big receiver. My bet is that, there is more change to come. Yesterday we saw evidence of the value of a good special teams coach. Toronto's win against Sask was, in part, helped by the excellent coaching of Mike O'Shea, who is responsible for special teams for Toronto. In yesterday's victory over Sask, Toronto's special teams were great. I really enjoyed the fake safety touch by Jame Boreham. This was like the old statue of liberty play with JB not really having his leg down and giving the ball to a rusher, which went for big yards and, TO's retaining the ball. The direct snap to a running back again, illustrated innovative coaching by the special teams coordinater. Both of these plays were very innovative and resulted in huge Argo gains and, both times the Argo's retained the ball.

Kudos to Mike O'shea who, with the support of jim Barker, showed what special teams can do when they have adequate coaching. Chad Owens was a marked man but, he still had at least one very good kick return! I thought that special teams tackling was very good and, I consider Toronto to be a well coached team. They do not have much at QB but, their defense and excellent coaching have made them a contender. I do wish the Als would show some innovation. As a team, they are so predictable!