Brandon London Retires

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Too bad...I am a big fan! Often felt he was not used as much as he should have been as he seems clutch.

He was just on the radio on TSN 690, said his heart just wasnt in it anymore and that it wouldnt be fair to the team if he couldn`t give it 100%. His main focus he said is getting into the entertainment business.

Also mentioned a knee operation he had in Jan. and 2 concussions he has suffered.

He was a favorite of Popp but I thought he would have a hard time making the team this season because of his production relative to his salary.

I will thank him for his contributions and wish him luck in an even tougher business.

Perhaps, but neither did he "knock the door down" and force their hand. I wish him good luck in his future endeavours.

Somewhat surprised but the decisions for the coaches will be now easier; I am sure that it will help on the salary management side. He was a good player and gave all he had.

Good luck Brandon.


I am always glad when a player leaves on his own terms. Way better than somebody saying you are no longer wanted.

Brandon had two passions. I"m glad he chose one. I know he's doing well and wish him even more success.

Nice to have experienced receivers at camp :wink:

Best of luck Brandon.

Anyone still think it was a mistake to sign Stamps and Lewis? :wink:

All the best, Brandon, but for us, it's next man up. With London retired, Stamps injured, and Gilyard done for the season (most likely), we have Green, Lewis, and Giguere as the penciled-in starters, and two spots for young 'uns if they seize the opportunity. Maybe this is where Rodgers can establish himself: at boundary WR.

London a rendu de précieux services. C'est un gars très sympathique et apprécié, qui a eu la franchise de réaliser et dire que le coeur n'y était plus.

J'espère que la vie lui donnera la chance d'avoir tout le succès qu'il mérite dans ce qui va devenir sa 2ième carrière.

London a apprécié avoir joué avec des grands joueurs comme... Ricky Santos.

Je ne sais trop dans quel sens prendre la boutade, mais je crois qu'il y a une marque d'amitié dans cette formule.

Peut-être qu’ils ont passé beaucoup de temps ensemble sur l’équipe de réserve.

J'ai eu la chance d'évoluer avec des grands joueurs et de grands coéquipiers tels que Jamel Richardson, S.J. Green, Anthony Calvillo et Ricky Santos.

I expect Santos falls under the "grands coéquipiers" category rather than the "grands joueurs".

Oui. J'ai dû lire un peu trop vite. Merci!