Brandon Leyh QB Mount Allison??? really

What in the name of craziness is this. The league has appointed a QB in noway shape or form will ever see the CFL.
Right in their backyard is Cayman Shutter.Maybe he quit the Rams and moved back the the 50th state I don't know.
He may never make the CFL either put at least he has had what many critics complain about and that is QB training in the states moving their at 10 yrs old.
No he never started at the U of H but he was the #2 guy and for all the trouble you hear about himhe did graduate in 4 years.
He has been in a pro style system at a DI school at the very least as a non counter he would be a great camp arm.
Why have the Riders not invited him to camp?

He is a is a good learning opportunity for him and I am glad teams have started doing this in effort to develop guys...Something I believe the Als really started a few years back. They return as better players

All Canadian QBS are non counters and good for him to have the CFL assign him to a CFL team but Inviting Shutter on their own he would also be a non Counter and would be a much better QB at camp that they could actually use and has actually got the coaching that everyone says is holding back Canadian QBs.
Jordan Yantz spent two years in BC Lions camp while playing for the VI Raiders and now in Monitoba Winnipeg have gotten him to go the their camp as a rookie FA and non Counter

can you provide a link to the announcement of this league appointment as this is the first that I hear about it ?
who was appointed to the other teams ?

Yes I can. It is on the riders CFL website under the title “Riders Add Two…”
It is part of the leagues new program. I also did not relize that the league could appoint a guy to a team. I know in the past and still present that teams can choose a QB or more than one as non Counters.
Jordan Yantz spent two season’s in BC qile playing Junior for VI Raiders but has chosen to go to Winnnipeg where he now plays for the Bisons. In fact it was a big story in 2012 when they chose Yantz over Hec winner Billy Greene. Where some guys as part of the program go home after a couple of weeks Yantz stayed for the whole Camp between 2011 and 2012 season since he was stillwith the VI Raiders. They even had him room with Andrew Harris and was one of only 4 QBs at the Lions camp that year.
illfinch was actually in the ti Cats TC after his sr year in HS.
Montreal bought both Kyle Graves and Quinlan to camp in 2012 allthe way to final cutsbefore they returned for 5th year CIS. Quinlan even played somemop up series in a pre season game.

How do you know Shutter would be a better QB at camp? Good for the CFL and Sask. for adding Leyh to TC roster.

yeah…I love that that experience is being spread around to different QBs and schools and therefore attempting to level that very valuable training from program to program. I’d hate to see a system where the Riders always took a guy from the Rams, the Esks the UofA, etc…or any other fashion of bias in player selection…this will improve the CIS and all players in the long run by forcing it to be spread out. If this wasn’t forced, the CIS teams that never got a crack at sending one of their QBs would suffer because that knowledge wouldn’t ever be gained or shared, and it would detract some players from attending that school because of that great potential opportunity.

I guess you have an excellent point. shutter may not be a better fit. Shutter could have said no to the Riders possibily. The Riders could really not care much about the rule and accepeted a QB that the league has assigned out of obligation, or some other reason.
Shutter did participate in E Camp last 2013. after not beinb drafted enter Regina U to play for the Rams.
He does have one year of eligibilty left and is at the school on a grad school after already obtaining an undergrad at U of H. So with a year of eligibility left he could have cosen to work on his grad degree and participate in CIS Rams football until after this season

Is Leyh the only QB appointed to a CFL team this year or are there others ?
where can I access information on this program as it sounds like a good first step to enhance our CSI football programs ?

This program has been in effect for a few seasons now.
Winnipeg has Jordan Yantz coming in. As I mentioned earlier he spent 2012 and 2013 with the BC Lions when he was with the VI Raiders. In 2012 he was the 4th of only 4 QBs and I beleive he went through training camp until the end and was used as a number 4 QB in any camp.
2013 Yantz was at the Lions camp again but I do not think he stayed throughout this time due to his move to the CIS and Manitoba Bisons to prepare for their season.

Ottawa has chosen to take both local University QBs from Carleton and Ottawa. I believe they will stay with the team up till they go to Regina for their first pre season game, which they will not be making the trip.

Montreal as I mentioned in 2012 did have both Kyles throughout training camp and dressed with Quinlan playing QB in one pre season game and Graves was the punter for a game as well but did not see any QB time in pre season games.
Montreal took a different approach last season where they invited several CIS QBs with eligibilty left and the coach of each QB to Als training camp for about a week which included the rookie camp couple of days.
Quinlan as we all know was invited to camp as a FA QB like any other QB but as we all know Quinlan declined because he did not think he would be getting a real shot at making the roster. Popp, in the Media at least, claimed that he was being brought in for his performance the year before and would be fighting for a spot with the team.

Every team must bring in at least one Canadian QB by CFL development rules. I have not heard what QBs will be at other camps as of yet.

My projections are that Will Finch will be in either Hamilton or Toronto.
Myles Gibbon is among the top Canadian QBs that would be rookies and have no more eligibilty left.
Jordan Heather Hec Crighton winner has signed to play pro football in France.

Out West Langley Rams QB JKG Jahlani Gilbert Knorren lest the SASK Huskies to play QB in Juniors when he spent a season being moved to Receiver. Would not be surprised if the Lions added him as a Canadian QB. Although he may have a future in the CFL at another position. Partifcipated in the Edmonton regional combine and was draft eligible with more eligibilty left.
Reid Quest and Billy McPhee where both at the main combine with a 5th year of CIS left. Both are probably candidates to go through the Als spinoff QB program

Shutter was draft eligible last season and was at the main e camp. This year he participated in the EDM regional. Which me to the point that he appears to be interested in playing in the CFL and is a Sask boy. Last year Huskies QB Drew Burko attended Riders camp

Argos Canadian Qb in camp is Guelphs starter Jazz Lindsey

thanks cflsteve for the info.

It is a start but no where near any incentive to develop a Canadian born QB.
Sinnoplli by making the stampsas the 3rd QB in his rookie season was for real. Problem is that there are 50 US QBs that were just as good or better. Sinnopoli had only those two seasons in which the second he lost his job with Glenn and a true rookie Mitchell just better forcing Brad down the depth chart to 4th eventually.
However converting to rec and playing as well as he did first year. his value as a Canadian rec was much more than a QB.

Having a Canadian QB a place to develop within the CFL system would be a low risk high reward for the marketing of the CFL.
One big problemis not even the CFLPA is for having a Canadian QB taking up a ratio spot as it would take a job away from a player who has a much better shot at making a career at a different position.
The CFL would likley have to pay for a develomental spot on each roster for a Canadian QB.Not a low paid PR spot but a new developmentalposition that comes with at least the league paying the league minimum for every teamtohave a Canadian QB.

Until then there will need to be a team who sees the valueand contract him, place himon the 9 game and havehim run scout teams.That combined with a Canadian QB who has a potential high ceiling and grows to or above the potential ceiling.

Thats what maakes me curius that the Riders are not looking at Shuttter. Very low risk to pay himthe min after his finalseason in the CIS in 2014, place him on the 9 game IR and give him a chance to grow. Sakatchewan kids get the royal treatman with the Riders imagine if one were to be a QB even if he becomes just a great short Yardage and top tier Back Up his jersey would fly off the shelves

it is not going to happen over is a long term growth program. The QBs will return to their teams and make their teams better, and that will make everyone better. Really, it is likely a decade before there is a significant result from the program.

I certainly agree with that for a signifigant amount of Canadian QBs would have a realistic chance.
Shutter at his point is likely the best Canadian QB out there that would be eligiblefor a place with a team.
He came from a DI program where in three seasons was not able to get past the number 2 spot. 2012 was his best chance but legal issue set him back.
there are several QBs in the CFL that were in similar positions with the DI program they attended and dropped down to a lower divison to get playing time.
Mike Reilly started at Washington State and was redshirted as a freshman and transferred down to DII Central Washinton where he was able to start for two seasons.
Bo Levi Mitchel spent two seasons at DI SMU before transferring down the Eastern Washington 1AA where he got a chance to play.
Josh Portis started his carrer for the Florida Gators, then tranferred to Maryland before transferiing to DII Cal U of P.
Shutter tranferred from U of H to Regina Rams of CIS to get playing time.
So by far he is not a sure thing but is among a group of talented QBs that the CFL look at each year.
Plus side for a team that takes a chance at him is that he defeinitely wants to play in the CFL and as Canadian QB is a non Counter towards the roster number so he does not take a roster spot from another potential player.

Shutter is also still pretty young and will be turning 24 this season. He got his undergrad at U of H so he is was a grad student last ear and will be this year. So he would likley return for his final year for the Rams for both football and school reasons.
With the new older age limit in the Junior OFC if an Eastern team showed real interest he could have the option of staying in the East and playing Junior Football while taking a PR roster spot or if the rules allow be a territorial excemption for the Argos, Cats, or REDBLACKS who each have a OFC club in their city.

Hamilton just added laurier QB James Fracas to there camp non counter roster as a Canadian QB. Intersting signing. With young HC and offensive genious Michael Faulds former Western and team Canada QB probably had a lot to do with this. Faulds runs pro style offense and is part of Team Canada's National teams staffs and was their QB during the last senior mens IFAF silver medal team.

Still intersting that neither Shutter of Will Finch have been invited anywhere as of yet. IMHO probably the best two Canadian QB prospects. Myles Gibbon also camefromthe NCAA back to Canada and played for York, With no eligibilty left probably not seen as a QB prospect. I could see him finding a Job in the CIS with Laurier coach Michael Fualds who was the OC at York in 2012 when Gibbon had his best season.

I believe the program is specifically to give experience to CIS QB's that will be going back to play CIS ball. Its a development program.