Brandon Issac?

Should we pick him up to help out our depleted LB'ers? he'd be an upgrade for sure. Anyone know why he was released? At only 28 he is still young, and that's one less hit on Buck we'd have to worry about.....

No idea why they released him. That D hasn't played well all year, given up big games on the ground and in the air, maybe its because of his play. Still surprising considering how inexperienced they are on that side of the ball having lost or let go so many of the players they had last year. Maybe he wanted out for some reason? At any rate, given how depleted we are at LB with Parker done for the season, Dunn still out for a while, Sears out again for who knows low long this time after playing what, only a half or so all season, I would definitely put in a phone call. He'll cost a little more than a rookie but they just can't keep plugging in inexperienced guys at every spot looking for results. I think Steinhauer in Hamilton though probably has the inside track to bringing him in having worked with him last year.

.....Worth a look considering our situation....He does bring some intensity and experience...Don't know what his problem was in argoland but he could help us now.. :roll:

Whoa. First TO drops the hammer on Isaac and a couple others, not the Ticats follow suit cleaning house on their vets - LB Markeith Knowlton and DB James Patrick (one of the hot players this FA period) both gone along with DB Terrance Parks.

Does letting Knowlton go make room for Isaac? Scratching post blog suggests so. Doubt Mack has any interest in any of these guys released by the Ticats either though either Knowlton or Patrick may be of some short term help given the injury issues and the shuffling the bombers have had to make.

I say grab all three. Sometimes all a guy needs is a little change in locale and he plays good. If he doesn’t work out, he can be released once again. I really like Knowlton, my fav player on Ham. Each team has a player I like and he’s one…Adios for a while. I 'll be leaving tomorrow for the East coast for a couple of weeks. Gotta make sure the hotel/motel I stay in has TSN…Lobster and Beer, ladies and gentlemen.

I'd definitely look at bringing in some veteran presence to the locker room, seems to be the biggest thing missing for the Bombers.

What exactly is a veteran to you because we have a lot of players who have been either in the CFL (or a combination CFL/NFL) for 3+ seasons.

I know you asked pigseye, but I'll throw in my 2 cents. There's a distinct difference IMO between someone who's a veterabn by virtue of having made the team a few years in a row and a veteran with presence. Veteran presence, it's a player that's been a full time starter for that same team for at least a couple years, or has been named a team captain, or has had significant longevity in the league, things that would earn a player a certain respect from his peers. It's this gravitas that separates a veteran versus a guy with veteran presence. For instance when you look at say Justin Goltz in his 4th year in the CFL and Jade Etienne in his 3rd year. Would you call Goltz a veteran QB or Etienne a veteran receiver? Myself I would not because neither has accomplished much in that time. Muamba doesn't fit my definition as a veteran either even though he's been a starter since last year though he's fast becoming one that's taking leadership on defense and earning the respect of his peers. On defense most of the players that would fit would be limited to Johnson, Stewart, and Suber. Turner has IMO become the elder statesmen of the Dline group. On offense, Buck, Edwards, Morley, January. Labbe maybe given the length of his tenure but thats stretching things. That's a pretty low number I think. There are a lot of first or second year starters on this team.