brandon isaacs?

Could someone advise ...on some of our blogs he is listed as a free agent on the official cfl site. he is not

in any event Drew has indicated his belief Brandon should not be protected in the first round..

I respectfully beg to differ (* see how polite we can all be when the season is over :lol: :lol: :lol: )... its only since Brandon came on board that the dee-fense had the necessary edge.. his mad dog blitzes are a joy to behold... the man has a killer instinct and gets his team mates focused in like manner.

I think Kent A. knows it.. as does Orlando..

any one else care to share their opinion..

December 14th here we come! :cowboy:

Share your 10 to protect and we can debate whether we keep Isaacs

im not inthe debatin' mode... i say isaacs and you tell me your nine.

Gable, Figueroa, Simmons, Ellingson, Boudreaux are my easy top 5.
McCollough (26), Breaux (24) are young DBs, coach loves Murray's versatility, Bakari Grant and
Norwood round out my 10.
I hate to leave off Tasker, Isaac and Bowman but the team really has struggled to find good "D-lineman" so I need Norwood

I'm not saying I would protect Isaac or not but I wouldn't have Grant or McCollough on my list.

I go with Iceman's list but protect Isaacs over Grant. Ottawa can only take one of Tasker and Grant.

Thanks for your honest Iceman.... I see where you are coming from....

but in answer to the last post if its between Grant and Tasker it might come down to money... and i think Tasker is less$$$$

it always comes down to money...

but with a young team - many in their second year ..there should be plenty to go round ...

I think that is pretty much the way it will go. Maybe Bowman instead of Breux as Ottawa can only take one. They would be more likley to take Bowman over Breux and they aslo have Emmanual Davis at the other CB spot who is also very good.
Just no room to protect Tasker but if they do go receiver it would probably be the more experienced Onrea Jones.
Issac may just be the guy Ottawa takes but Norwood quietly was one of the best DE in the CFL.
Great group of young DBs that Orlando has together here and as they will look to get better as always I do not think he will do what Jones did and let the whole group almost go in Toronto that went to the 100th Cup.
McCoulough was probably out of Jones control but Issac was a terrible decision.

Orlando is a city in Florida.

Orlondo is the first name of the Tiger-Cats' DC.

orlando vs orlondo ahhhhhhhhhhhh....vs oooooooooo!!!!!

point taken Captain....

and as Spock would remark: "Fascinating is a word I use for the unexpected, in this case I would think interesting would suffice.? :cowboy: