brandon isaac

Rico Murray is a great player, but Brandon Isaac needs to play full time at LB from now on. Every time he is sent on the blitz, Isaac either gets the QB, or hurries him.

I say start Murray at corner in place of Breaux for the rest of the year so the latter can heal up. Murray is more than capable at that position, too.

He wasnt playing full time because he was nursing groin injury. Its another in a list of story angles completely missed by Spec. Just liike the injury status of Ellingson and Figuora. Cant even get a description of injuries, nevermind timeline on return.

Great pics Cap'n!

VERY frustrating for sure.
Perhaps the 2 most dominant rookies in the league Ell and Fig. Team will be so much stronger when/if they return.
In fairness to our Spec writer I am certain they have been asking, but getting a straight answer apparently is not easy.
I don't even know if it is an UPPER or LOWER injury for each guy.
I do think the Cats might have found a keeper in the mean time in Tasker. Seems to have a high football IQ and will be a useful player going forward!!

THE "BEST" LINEBACKING TRIO IN THE CFL!!!!!!! :thup: :thup: :thup:

LAWRENCE!!! :rockin: JOHNSON!!! :rockin: ISAAC!!! :rockin:

Great player good addition to the line backers group. I'm suprised only one person has bid on his Flying Wildcats game worn jersey. I thought for sure the fans would want a piece of history, especially Isaac jersey.

I agree with blue tees.

Murray has looked solid on the corner. ( Davis was much better in the Toronto game )
but I like Rico Murray & Delvin Breaux as the starting corners.
Isaac is a terrific talent. We were lucky to get him.

I also like Murray and Breaux, but after last week I don't think Davis sits. Also Hobbes was solid. Why change a good thing?

Emanuel Davis is a big hitter and playmaker. Plus, he likes to trash talk. Great find. I like his game.

Murray has proved to be very versatile, able to play 2-3 different positions well. LOTS of talent in the secondary. Hard to start everyone sometimes. Kind of a nice problem to have - especially when there are injuries! :smiley:

Great game! Should have been named Defensive Player of the Week.

The main thing about this thread is that we are finally talking positive about the defensive players we have here this year. It's been a long time since we could come on here and not have to read about bad DBs, no pass rush and clueless Defensive Co-ordinaters. I think Austin and Steinauer still need to tweak a little here or there but this defense is definitely on the right track.