Brandon Isaac

So Isaac was released by the boatmen. Any thoughts on the Eskies and if they should consider signing him?
He is good in my mind, never really just watched him play though, any red flags? He was the defensive captain as well.

Edmonton could use another veteran presence on a young defense in my mind.

Not so sure there; with Sherritt flanked by Munoz and Hill, I think you're in pretty good shape at LB. You wouldn't bring Isaac in to sit on the bench, nor would you sit any of those three to play Isaac. Only way I could see it were to be if Marshall wanted to go to a 3/4 defence, and I really doubt that, I don't think he has any track record of running a 3/4.

If Stubler was still your D/C, then it would make sense. . .

I think Isaac would upgrade Munoz for sure. And even if he didnt, couldnt he play defensive halfback? Wasnt he a DB in Calgary? He looks like he has the frame for DB rather than LB anyways.

Well we have to agree to disagree there. . . I happen to think that Munoz is one of the most underrated LBs in the league. . .

Anyway Hamilton just released Markeith Knowlton, so I suspect Isaac is Hamilton bound to reunite with Steinauer

Maybe, maybe not. Munoz is good i know that, but Isaac is good and a big name. I think he could be converted into a DB. We need another one, and then move maybe one of our halfbacks to Corner to take our one of our struggling short Corners like Grimes (if thats his name)