Brandon Isaac, Onrea Jones, Cody Husband All Released

That it did. I am fairly certain that Rico Murray is going to be a star in this league.

I agree. Hense the reason they needed to find him a full time starting position.
As for the Oline minus the injured dyakowski, retired Hage, released Husband and star RG Wojt that still leaves Hamilton with 6 Canadian Olineman on the roster.
Tim O'Neil will likley take the starting center spot. he was Hamiton's most outstandiong Olineman in 2012 and has plenty of starting expereince at center but also has playerd OG for the Cats. On the younger side Filer has impressed last season when injuries struck the Oline hard.
So although they lost the starting center and will be without a LG due to injury they have the stock of Canadians to compete for the jobs along the Oline. Plus acquiting Myddlton in FA gives them another expereinced starter to compete.

Good riddance Brandon Isaac. Not a fan of head hunting dirty football players.

Good luck Onrea Jones, I hope you catch on elsewhere.

Husband, as many of us expected he would, has signed with his home town team.

Yup,apparently Husband is B.C. bound changing his stripes from a Tiger to a Lion.
The other's I predict will sign on IMO....O.Jones-Ottawa....B.Isaac-Toronto/Winnipeg and I think that Deidtrick is done at 35 and will end up retiring.

Good signing for both Husband and BC. For Husband he will be back in familiar territory. For the Lions they get a still young CanadianOlineman, Although he went undrafted, he has had a coupl of season in hamilton where he took a traditional developmental role with the Cats and entering the stage where he could be a good depth guy on the Oline.

For Jones Ottawa seems like a perfect fit but could have interest from other teams. With the riders and Simon at odds right now Jones could be a plug and play receiver. he has proven he is a solid starter in the CFL and the Riders need that.

Isaac. I could see Winnipeg but thery have already signed a couple of vets that can fill that Sam role. One as a sterter at sam and the other starting at HB most likley with the ability and experience now to play SAM.
I think for Burke in Toronto now does not want to be in a situation he was in Winnipeg for 2 seasons with no experienced and proven starting SAM LB. Toronto LB corp should look great with Horton moving to a more natural fit at Will, Emery in the Middle and Isaac at SAM

10 days after being released, Isaac has signed with SSK.

SSK lovin our scrap heap.

Wow. I did not see that one coming. Last season before he got injured Weldon Brown was on his way to an All Star season as a SAMLB. The Riders also had a load of DBs that were on the 9 game IR to end the season that were of starters quality that are also back with the rest of the starting line up. If Geroy does not come back Onrea Jones would make sense for the Riders.
Probably will see a big 9 game IR roster to start the season with plenty of starting quality depth. At the mid point when injuries hit or players may not be playing well will be able to flip some players, release some, and add some for a fresh group for the second half of the season.