Brandon Isaac, Onrea Jones, Cody Husband All Released

Wow!! didn't even make it to training camp. Once thing is for certain, this year's Ticats are not last year's Ticats. I hope it all turns out for the best.

Not a total surprise with any of them - all on the bubble with the players brought in this off-season. A little surprised that they were released before training camp, but either there’s bonus money the team is avoiding, or they need to make room for more players coming in.

I’m definitely disappointed that they released Jones. I thought that he was a good receiver, and his ability as a returner and in ST coverage made him quite versatile. Always did what was asked of him, and stepped up when he was given the chance. In some ways, he reminds me of Marquay McDaniel - playing in the shadow of other players, and never getting the respect he deserves. I hope it doesn’t take as long for him to land another spot. (Hello, Ottawa.)

QB Tettleton was also released.

Dahrran Diedrick FB has also just been released according to Farhan Lalji.

That leaves them light on fullbacks - Prime and Dell. And Dell seems a bit undersized for a fullback at 6'1", 218lbs, although not that much different from Diedrick. Someone else coming in soon to compete?

Onrea Jones is a good football player. Likley just odd man out and he is a little older and Austin was not going to let go his guys Ellingson and Tasker who could be mainstays in that receivng corp for a few years to come.

Issac fir in nicely last year filling that need for a SamLB but Rico Murray is just plain out a stud so far in the CFL will fit right into that spot on a full time basis now.

Husband. They had 9 Canadian Olineman on the roster.

Jones and Issac can upgrade positions in Ottawal, especially Jones who Burris knows well.

Husband would be a nice pick up for the Bombers. Still young and they need Olineman of the Canadian to build up some depth and competition in camp. A great Oline coach in Winnipeg could also help

Why would you release Isaac when we lose JJ and Simoni???
Onrea Jones leaves me scratching my head too...not big on Tasker and don't know much about the new guy we got from the Eskimos. Jones was clutch at times.

Agree with your take on Issac. I'm a bit shocked by that move as well. Could be that he was not a fit in Austin's "culture" for the team. He was abruptly let go by the Arghblows before landing in the Hammer.

As much as I liked Jones, the pick-up of Koch and Austin shipping in the receivers he did last year meant that someone had to go. Jones was a "Cortez" guy. Maybe even a Bellfuille guy.

Issac plays a completely different LB position than the two mentioned above. Issaac would have been great to keep but Rico Murray was a force and will slide into that SAMLB spot Full time now.

I am an Onrea Jones fan as well but you can't keep everyone. Austin's two guys are Ellingson and Tasker and they were not going anywhere and Bakari Grant would round out the 3 Import receivers starting. Austin has other receivers he likely likes to fit hi Offense as well.
I don't think either will have trouble finding a job. Jones likley landing in Ottawa would be great for Burris and Issaac could end up back in Toronto with Burke as the DC now. A good SAMLB is hard to find

Here is the press release from TSN.

I can't say as I'm all that surprised about Jones being released,I was kind of expecting it actually.IMO the writing was on the wall for Jones when Austin opted for Tasker instead of Jones for the 2 play-off games and the Grey Cup.The death blow was the signing of FA Koch for Jones this off season.Austin seemed really high on Tasker from the minute he signed him mid season last year and with Koch on board this season something had to give,unfortunately Jones was the odd man out.I really liked the way Jones played for us the last two seasons,in an unsung hero role,my guess is that he'll wind up where every Ex-Cat has wound up lately,and that's in Ottawa.The release of Isaac is a little surprising,but according to the TSN article,the Cats felt that he didn't fit into the schemes that the D will be running this season.It looks like with the addition of FA Kromah and Harris fully recovered from his injuries last season as well as hopefully a full season out of Bowman that Murray will be the only starting LB left from last season.Husband was in tough to make the squad this year,after spending the 2nd half of last year on the 9-game plus the team has a lot of depth along the OL going into T-Camp. Someone else also posted that Diedrick has been let go as well,but the last time I looked he was still listed on the roster,the other 4 have all been deleted already.

I think Isaac missed a lot of hits up high last year, especially potential sacks. And remember that game when he picked one off and tripped over his own feet on a sure TD return? I'm sure Austin does.

Edwards has also mentioned that there is a new LB named David Caldwell who has impressed. Could be another reason why Isaac was cut.

Onrea Jones is a very good player. Welcome to Ottawa or Winnipeg, Onrea.

Farhan Lalji ?@FarhanLaljiTSN 3h

Add RB Dahrran Diedrick to the list of players cut by #TiCats today. #CFL

That could be it for him. His style of FB play is fading out and there are plenty of young guys who will play teams that could develop into a bigger role

Isaac was probably a money move - lots of younger, cheaper guys that can deliver what he did but you lose the edge he brings.

Too bad about Jones but if you actually listened to Austin and noticed how many more receivers and KRs he brought in . Austin was concerned about team speed on offense and Jones doesn;t fit that bill.

DD was an oft - injured veteran salary.

I wonder how many of these guys ask
ed to be released to give them time to catch on somewhere else?

I guess the team hasn't made it official yet,outside of Farhan Lalji's tweet,there doesn't seem to be any links or press releases about Deidrick being cut.He is still listed on the team roster,while the others have all been deleted.Deidrick being let go though doesn't surprise me really in one way,that being that he was injured most of last season,didn't contribute much when he did play and his best days are behind him.IMO he was strictly a stop gap pick-up for last season and nothing more.In another way though it is a little surprising being that we lost Delahunt to the draft and right now only have a converted LB in Prime and a raw rookie in Dell listed at that position.Maybe the team is looking to draft a fb/te type on Tuesday but the last time I checked they're isn't really anybody out there in the draft that stands out at that position,so in a way it is a little surprising that the team would let him go.I figured that even if Deidrick was stop gap,that maybe Austin would try to squeeze one more year out of him,allowing Prime the time to adjust and adapt to his new role as a fb/te with Deidrick around to perhaps mentor him in the transition phase at the position with all his experience in the league.As for Dell,nobody knew who Delahunt was in last year,before he emerged out of nowhere to make the roster,perhaps Dell will be the same in this years camp and like Delahunt turn out to be a pleasant surprise.Remember that last year the Cats had just resigned Stephenson and had him pencilled in at fb before he lost his job to Delahunt and ended up getting released.

I would not think at this time of the year anyone would ask for their release but was a matter of numbers at a position were acquired earlier during free agency to go with the returning players and then to make room for new players who they may have seen in mini camp.

Import Receivers:
of which likely 3 to start and one to back up on the 42 plus some new imports

Rico Murray likely being the SAMLB needing to be on the field full time
Brandon Stewart Likely to start at HB but also capable of playing SAMLB

DB's BreuaxCB - McCollough HB - Stewart/Hobbs HB - Stephan(NI)/ Davis CB
Plus 4 new import DBs with varied short pro experiences, 2 of which are 6'2".
Also Dee Webb is still around

Husband was on of 9 Canadian Olineman that Hamilton had on the roster.

I'm mildly surprised by the Isaac release. I thought he played well but then I thought that of his time in Toronto too. I think he was Argos defensive captain when he was let go. Maybe it's something other than on-field performance in his case.

An Argo-Cat fan

That was the case in Toronto as Isaac butted heads with DC Jones and his DB coach now Hamiltons DC grabbed him up quickly.
However the play of Rico Murray really left no room for the future of Isaac in Hamilton. He could end up back in Toronto with Burke in need of a expereinced SAM LB. Rember all the problems that Winnipeg had when they let Kent go and no one wanted to play that SAM spot or at least be able to help bridge the gap for a new import

I'm always sad for the guys who get released. I'm a little concerned with the O-line just based on the loss of Marwan and the fact that Dyakowski will not be ready for the start of the season, but I guess the team has something in mind or else they wouldn't have cut Cody.

As mentioned, Rico Murray made it easier to say goodbye to Isaac. I thought Onrea played well for us and stepped in when needed, but I guess he really couldn't grab the starters job.

Thanks to these guys for their contributions and I wish them all the best.