Brandon Isaac cut by Argos

Here's what globe said about him before he was cut

The Calgary Stampeders had always hoped Brandon Isaac would return to the team. Instead, the veteran defensive back chose to return to his former coach,

The Toronto Argonauts announced Tuesday they had signed Isaac to a two-year deal that reunites him defensive co-ordinator Chris Jones. Isaac and Jones worked together for two seasons with the Stampeders.

Jones jumped to the Argos this off-season while Isaac explored his NFL options before signing as a free agent with Toronto. Jones said of Isaac: “He is versatile and can play six positions within our defence, plus he is able to blitz. He is a hard worker with tremendous character and is a film studier. We are excited he’s decided to join us at the Argos.?

In two seasons with Calgary, Isaac made 46 total tackles and three sacks. He also played in the Arena Football League and with the University of South Carolina, where he was a teammate of current Argos’ running back Cory Boyd.

“This is a great opportunity to be with an organization that is on the way up and doing the right things to become a winning program,? Isaac said in a release. “It’s great to be back with Coach Jones. We have a solid relationship and we are both hard-working guys who want to win.?

There has to be more to this. I'd take him in a second.

Might be a good fit here although I've heard he's a bit of a head case, takes bad penalties?? I wonder if he worked with Steinauer?

No details were provided on the surprising move to cut [b][u]defensive captain[/u][/b] Isaac, one of only five starters back from last year's Grey Cup-winning defence.

Coach Scott Milanovich is expected to address the media later today.

The team also added defensive backs Ricardo Colclough and Hugo Lopez and running back Chris Jennings.

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We could use an off the wall type player right about now...squeeky clean isn't getting us anywhere..after all we ain't the Mormon tabernacle choir... :cowboy:

Head shot on Durant

I would take him a heartbeat. He's a proven winner and in his prime years as a player. I want to hear Milanovich's comments. This is a really odd move.

An Argo-Cat fan

OTR with Brandon Issac and Chad Owens, talking about Isaac's illegal hits, suspension and style of play

Part 1

part 2

And a team mate of Corey Boyd..does it get any better?

And why do we worry about "head cases". Sane men don't run into each other at full force with the intent to maim....except in football and on the qew trying to make the buffalo immigration check before the discount mall crowds. :roll:

Head case? Ralph Goldsten, Dave Fleming, Dwight Anderson , the immoral and ever great 68...they were all deemed headaches by their opponents..

We need some vinegar...the menu is far too bland.. :cowboy:

What have we got to lose.... It surely can't be the teams reputation.????? Not after a 37 to zip pasting


Like it Captain Kirk :thup:

So wonder what he's saying... Something like

I hear your playing the tabbies next
Don't sweat can beat em hopping on one leg..your right


I look at that picture that CK posted and I figure that scene goes like this;

Durant: Hey take it easy man you can't hit a QB like that
Isaac: Hey, if you have the football i'm going to punish you, don't like it go sign up for checkers.

That's the kind of approach we need to take, aggressive, punishing and intimidating. Play hard between the whistles.... If you ask me Isaac plays a very similar style to JJ and I like that.

Its time to punish the opposition

Not the loyal fans :cowboy:

We are in no position to be fussy!!!!
Just sign him already.

^^^ Yeah, agreed

Sure beats this calm smile when he played Hamilton

time to wipe the smile off durant's face.. bring in isaac.. two years younger than knowlton and knows how to win. (Grey cup anyon 8) >? ). played under orlando.. sometimes you have to take a hit to administer one.. :cowboy: .

Yes, sign him now!

From Drew's latest post:

"Sources says that the team is close to signing former Argo linebacker Brandon Isaac, who was released by Toronto on Tuesday. The six-foot-two, 208-pound Isaac started 17 games last season while helping the Argos to a Grey Cup victory."

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Who is Brandon Isaac?

The Toronto Star article on Isaac keeps mentioning his valuable "leadership".
Our defence has been showing signs of life despite the pasting we got in Regina so maybe Isaac would give us some extra fire.
Can he start Saturday? :slight_smile: