Brandon Browner

so far it sounds like Browner is doing very well for himself in Seattle and even has a shot at starting, which is very good for him

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...I saw BB's highight in the game against San Diego, he'll make the team

That's awesome for Brandon. As much as I was selfishly hoping he might be back on the stamps, you have got to be happy for the guy if he makes it in the NFL. Good luck Brandon! You can play for my stamps any day...

Ya I hope he makes the team but I also read somewhere that he said if he doesnt make it in the NFL this time around that he will basically lock down in the CFL in for security reasons

I had posted this response once and the site failed me yesterday, and only tonight I found out this fine article as posted was moved. Anyway I'm cheering for Browner too based on what I saw last season and in that first game:


I dont think browner will ever return to Canada. Even he only plays two or three seasons in the NFL, that will probably be enough football for him. He seemed to always be just using the CFL as a pre-curser to the nfl. Always wanting workouts every year. And thats ok, that was his goal and that ok. i like the Way the Stamps are more and more trying actually build a team of depth. not so many defectors. I know when i watch the hawks i will be cheering for browner hardKore. I wish him all the best!