Brandon Browner

Call me crazy, or maybe I was just dreaming last night... but since our Defensive Coordinater is the former DB Coach in Calgary maybe this will influence his decision and come to Steel Town?

This one would improve the biggest weakness on our team in my opinion.

I hate him because he's the biggest cheater in the game, but if cheating will take our D to the next level and the Cats to the cup... sign him up.

I would be pumped if we signed Browner. Him and Hinds on the corners with Tisdale and Dennis inside and Barker at safety sounds good to me.

LOL way to stand that moral ground. I do agree as long as his penalties don't hurt us.

I want Browner and Anderson on Corners..

That sounds amazing.
For some reason people around here hate Anderson, but he is a great player and id love to have him back. :thup:

People Don’t know the real Dwight Anderson He great person and Very Humble off the football Field.
He just wants to win so badly
He makes some Errors in Judgement
Dwight has great Recovery speed better any DB in The league IMO
Him and Brandon would be great pickups…

If you're not cheating, you're not trying.

The problem with Anderson, though talented, is that he's a real head case, a (THE?) reason the TiCats didn't hold onto him.

IIRC, he got into an on-field skirmish/pushing and shouting match with one of his own team's DBs during the 2009 (or 2010?) season, no doubt over who missed the assignment on an opposing teams TD.

Do we need that kind of trouble here despite his abilities?

No, we don't. Especially after Ryan Hinds did a great job on the corner when he was given the opportunity to start. Why would you replace a non-import that's going to continue to grow, with an import that has issues. That's why I would rather just sign Browner, having him and Hinds on the corners would be as valuble as any tandem in the league.

I don't recall that...
and please don't try and tell me you think Hinds is better, that's just funny.

Hearing rumors that Brandon Brown-noser has signed with the Seahawks.


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He got into it with his coach at the very least. I really liked Dwight. I knew the first time that I saw him in camp that he was going to be a great player. I'm sorry to say that I don't think we need those kinds of issues either. I've spoken to him and think he is a nice guy, but his attitude on the field isn't one that fits well with what we are trying to do. Take Knowlton for example, the guy is a beast. He's probably one of the best defensive players in the league and he was only flagged twice the whole year. That is the kind of player I want on the team. Hinds might not be better than Anderson YET, but Hinds is NI and younger and will be a shutdown corner in the very near future.

What issues?
He has been starting on the corner for Calgary for the past few years and the Stamps fans love him. He loves to talk and get physical with people but if he was as bad as some people here make him out to be he wouldn't be a starter.

He was fined for being verbally abusive to a ref and takes too many dumb penalties. I'm not questioning his talent at all, but sometimes coaches don't want to bring in a guy who has a big mouth who acts like a clown whenever he makes a play. Other teams don't mind that as much since one of Calgary's coaches was also fined in the same incident. I want guys who are talented AND disciplined.

I just want to win...

I wonder if there's any chance of Will Poole returning this year.I remember he was supposed to start at corner and the pre-season had just ended I think when he asked for his release for personal reason's.

Perhaps another Stevie Baggs scenario around Labour Day?