Brandon Browner

Second rate CB for the stamps.
Here's his 2008 stats....9 penalties,8 accepted for 94yards,5 of those penalties were 15 yarders, 3 of which were against us on Aug.2nd

One horse collar on Carl Berman which probably caused Bermans Achilles tendon to rupture, ending Bermans season.

Two face masking, one which was extremely ugly and deliberate on Denatay Heard, causing a sprained left knee with a possible ligament tear.

UPDATE: definitely a ligament tear, out 2-3 weeks......

Brandon Browner=Scum bag

I wouldn't classify him as scum. He is an aggressive player who is far too careless. Much like Williams was for the Cowboys until they brought in the horse collar rule.

The kid needs to face some steep penalties or he'll never change.

Perhaps "scum bag" was a harsh bout "needs to refine his skills"

Agreed maybe some Rider offence will have to take his head off. Im sick of guys that play like that they fully know how much damage they can cause doing BS like that and honestly if you get 3 15 yard penalties in one game you should be ejected

Run a short slant route and get Szarka to ear hole him from the blind side. Might knock some sense into him, honestly I am surprised that Huf is tolerating that.

Nothing a little crack back block at the knees won't cure.....

So you would agree with the bag part?

hehehe. nice.

I 100% agree about the 3 major penalites should earn you an ejection. Both of BB's facemask's were bad. First one not so much but the thing I didn't get about that one is he was passed Patrick and he held on and was pulling him like a horse. I could see if he would have let go and stiff armed him to get separation to make the tackle but come on..The second one was dirty, I know guys play hard but not much good comes out of what he did. Like hitting a guy from behind in hockey, sure you may be playing hard trying to finish a check but you just don't do that. Same thing with that type of play, you don't grab the mask running full speed the other way. The league doesn't need that.

I do believe that he is not a dirty player. He is a big physical player but he made a couple of questionable plays. I will second what has already been said as I'm surprised Huf is putting up with that.

I'd love to see ODay or Macowsky down field get a nice clean plant him on his ass hit that knocks some good sense into him...

Ah I like dirt bag! That Browner is a dirt bag. LOL

…wishing injury on a player, no matter what you may think of that player, is pretty sick in my opinion…I don’t like Jimenez, think that he hurt a player on my team purposely in fact, but would never hope harm would come to him as a result of revenge…some of you in this thread should really give your head an examination…

RedandWhite....nice of you come into the riders forum and accuse the riders fans of stating they want one of your player delibrately hurt.

All I see this thread is fan expressing their fustration and indicating that Saskatchewan should focus a number of plays in his direction to teach him a lession.

The expression to take his head off or ear hole him are not designed dirty plays. In fact, when I used to play defensive line, I would yell across the line at the quarterback, I was coming to take his head off. In all my years of playing, I think I got two roughing the passer penalities. But I made enough hard hits to make some quarterbacks rush their throws at times.

If Browner was ear holed he would learn. Particularly if the player who did it mentioned afterwards, don't face mask anymore.

...hey, happy to be here!....

...not hard to accuse when stuff like this is said:

As I have said redandwhite, as a defensive player...i have attempted to take quarterbacks down hard....hence the expression take your head hit a quarterback hard like Perry did to glassjaw last year is taking his head off.

Blindsiding a player happens all the time. While it can be dirty if it is from behind, most of the time it is a fair hit from a direction the player is paying attention to. TO assume it is a dirty play is again wrong.

I will give you Artie's but then again...he doesn't say to injure, just a little warning message being sent. It happens all the time.

I'm a big fan of frontier justice. You all in Calgary should have a grudging appreciation for that type of mindset.

...absolutely AL, doesn't make it right though, think y'all would agree with that too...

...just my morale code guys, I don't wish harm, deliberate or otherwise, to any player...

Please, let's not turn this thread into something we'd read at GO STAMPS .....

RedWhite, I've heard many a fan (from many different teams)cry out to take a guy's head off, or kill 'em. But none of them (at least I hope not) ever really wanted to see anyone decapitated or murdered. And although some of the things said here are a little over the top, I'm sure what everyone wants to see is a good clean hard hit on the guy, to teach him a lesson.

You are right rocky, but so is R&W in that some of the language herein goes a bit too far on the provocative side (even though I am sure that none of the writers mean harm, just like Browner's agressive nature isn't likely intended to cause harm ... it just does though). Let's cool it a bit.