Brandon browner gets Nailed Again

I would not even care ,other then the fact he used to play in the CFL. I would be scared to truely know how rampant steriods and hGH ,etc are in the cfl.

Browner tweeted the report was false. If that is the case, I smell lawsuit.

It is not for steroids or any performance enhancing drugs. It is for substance abuse. There are two different offenses. Seeing as how he plays in Washington where marijuana is legal I am thinking it was weed that he tested positive for.

A year suspension is a result of being in level three of the nfl substance abuse program. He hasn't been back the nfl for all that long and I was thinking that he must have tested positive a few times fairly close together.

However I read this interesting article suggesting what could have caused it:

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Redandwhite when u read this... Just know I feel bad for you.