Brandon Bridge released

Didier Orméjuste
The Alouettes have released Canadian QB Brandon Bridge. @CFL

Huh. This is weird. Adams is on the 6-game so who fills the #3 spot now? I guess they’re planning to bring in someone else to handle QB sneaks.

Vernon Adams Jr. must be ready to play, unless J.... C.... is ready. These are the only 2 options, unless a new QB is in camp.


Oh God, right. I had forgotten about Chuck 'n' Duck. As long as his only responsibility is handling QB sneaks, I'm fine with him on the roster. Only time I want to see him throwing passes in a game is if literally every other QB is injured.

I only want to see him throwing to help warm up the starting/playing QB. Nothing more.

Justin Dunk
#Alouettes ask Canadian QB Brandon Bridge to take pay cut, release him when he declines

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Why not get him to do the sneaks? He's bigger than either Glenn or Cato and is the most expendable QB body on the roster.

As long as that is all he does.

I do not want him throwing passes in between the white lines.

Guessing here but he couldn't have been making all that much to begin with.

Me neither. But I think Glenn's presence pretty much guarantees that Crompton would be a short-yardage QB only.

My fear is that once he is on the roster there comes a temptation to play him, and did we ever see him be successful with any regularity on sneaks?

Only one team even has a QB on a practice roster that we could try to poach ... Ottawa ... it is Brent Smith ... (a) don't know if he has potential, (b) he has height but not "size " - 6'3' but only 205, but (c) I would still rather him than JC.

But there are tons of "unaffiliated" QBs available and NFL cuts starting soon.

Bad signs for Brandon Bridge going into the regular season:

-Team gave a 1st rounder in a trade for Vernon Adams.
-Only 3 attempted passes in the pre-season (which was the same number as the 2 CIS QB's there).
-Could not hold the #2 spot on the pre-season depth chart even though Rakeem Cato was late in camp.
-Holder spot given to a backup receiver.
-Not improving significantly enough to be used on short yardage situations.

Vernon Adams was put on the 6-game injured list because he has a concussion. He however was well enough to do the clipboard thing last Friday. Maybe the Als also think Adams is just not ready yet. That leaves Jonathan Crompton who the Als probably will take one final look at to see if he is worth keeping or not.

Still seems a bit weird considering they should've got some cap relief with some of the names going onto the long term injury list like SJ Green. Their salaries shouldn't count against the cap unless they come off early, unless I'm wrong on that. Unless the pay cut was a shift from an active roster to practice roster salary, I could see Bridge balking at that.

As to the question about Crompton, if he comes off the injured list to take Bridge's roster spot, curious to see if Popp keeps Cato at #2 or jumps Crompton ahead if Glenn were to get hurt. Popp just seems to have some weird affinity for Crompton while he's never really seemed all that into Cato. Maybe I'm misreading the situation from the outside. Curious to see who picks up Bridge now.

Come on now... Crompton is coming off the injured list. Wetenhall's boy...

Crompton makes over 200k a season. So they chopped Bridge. There goes another two year investment in the toilet. I’m starting to really dislike this team.

Glenn hasn't been able to stay healthy. Cato is the only other capable QB on the roster right now. He came in the game this week and did great.

The only figure I have ever seen on Crompton salary is $120,000.

Let’s see how many hours it takes for Bridge to be signed by another CFL team.

Vernon Adams is now on the active roster; Jim Popp did not release Brandon unless he knew that Vernon was ready to come back.

Every time the Als cut or release a player, someone pushes the button "asking him to take a pay cut". It's possible, when you realize that he has not improved and is/was no good on short yardage. He was most probably paid between $75,000 and $78,000.

Never heard or read that Jonathan Crompton was making $200,000. The numbers mentioned have always been in the vicinity of $120,000 as base; could have been incentives when he started games. Unless he is re-added to 6 game injured list, after next game, he will have to take a pay reduction if he is no better than number 3. He could be added to practice roster.


Crompton is in the second year of his second contract. I assure you he's not making 120k.