Brandon Bridge is the Future!

He sat on the bench most of the year. Against Saskatchewan he looked as good as any quarterback (and there were a lot) who donned an Als uniform this season. He should start day one next season with Glenn in relief. A Canadian quarterback with that skill set has not been seen since Russ Jackson or more likely EVER!

He started one meaningless game against the worst team in the league after we'd been eliminated from the playoffs. He has a LOT to prove.

To me, the depth chart next year, in order, is: Glenn, Cato, Bridge, Boone/LeFevour. Cato still delivered the best performance of any QB we saw this year and I still believe he can be our long-term starter. Working behind Glenn, he'll have the luxury of developing without having to put every game on his shoulders.

jessewade : Bridge, as you likely know, was QB in the final game of season. His play was very good. He certainly showed positive improvement as contrasted earlier when he QBd the first game. I thought he was poised well and, showed well in his short and long passes and, his ability to scramble. Evidently his year as a practice QB and, his response toward the coaching he received was good. As noted Glen will be our starting QB with Cato likely the number two. Bridge will continue with his development and, hopefully might get some game activity in the coming year. The development of a Canadian QB is pf great interest here and, likely Bridge will fit somewhere in the QB mix in 2016.

I think you're bang on here. Glenn isn't spectacular by any means but he's an adequate starter while the younger men develop. I thought Bridge's arm was stronger than either Boone or Cato; his size and Catos' lack thereof is also a big factor when it comes to the depth chart

Probably the best since Calvillio (damning with faint praise).

My only concern is that he may not be willing to serve in a mentor role if he believes he can start for another couple/few years.

Could they save cap money by signing him to a player/coach deal ???????

I appreciate the feedback but since the offence needs rebuilding, I'd put Bridges in day one and develop him with Glenn in relief. A revolving cast behind an aging starter doesn't work for me.

He might very well be the future but he's not the present.

Bridge showed some nice things in that Saskatchewan game and he has some great physical gifts, best wheels I've seen in this league since Printers and a big arm. From the small sampling there seems to be a progression over the season. He's worth investing in. At this time he's nowhere ready to carry a team and it appears those days where we threw kids in "the arena" are over. The present belongs to KG and the kids will learn and earn their stripes in a proper fashion according to Calvillo and Popp.

Let's not forget how badly he did in short yardage, there was the selfish tweets early on, mechanics are all over the place. He has six college starts to his name or something like that. For Bridge to be successful eventually the Als will need to develop him, something they haven't been able to do with any of their CFL rookie qb's to this point. He will also need to show patience and that he want's to be coached.

Next Season, maybe he gets some mop up and a some game time here and there and we see how he progresses in a backup role.

Il est un peu tôt pour dire que Bridge est le quart-arrière d'avenir pour les Alouettes. Il n'a pas mal fait à son premier départ dans la LCF, mais ce serait une autre paire de manches dans un match de début de saison. Je crois qu'il pourrait bénéficier d'une autre saison d'apprentissage avant de penser faire le saut.

L'avantage d'avoir Glenn, c'est que Calvillo va pouvoir passer plus de temps avec les jeunes. Avec un quart expérimenté, il y abien des choses qu'il n'a pas à lui expliquer. Ça libère du temps pour travailler avec l'ensemble de l'unité. Cato a dit qu'il profiterait de l'hiver pour se remplumer. On doit lui souhaiter, parce qu'à 180 livres, il n'a pas fait le poids.

Is he patient (history shows he isn't).
Is he coachable ? Moving around from school to school hasn't helped him. Is he prepared to button down and pay his dues ?

In Bridge case it will come down to the Als surrounding him properly to teach him the CFL game and fix the poor mechanics, him being patient and having the right attitude.

I say he has a 50/50 chance.

^ Exactly. The short yardage fiasco is something we should all remember. I am not sold on Bridge at all. He's got a great arm and he can move his feet, but if that were all you needed to succeed, Michael Bishop would be in the CFL Hall of Fame. Cato is far more developed and experienced and he can actually read the field. Give Cato a full season in AC's offense learning behind a good veteran like Glenn and I'm confident he will progress.

Does the name Quinton Porter ring a bell?

I did not care for his attitude when he arrived but very much appreciated what he said at the end of the season. Hopefully its not just PR posturing but he actually realized that it is a process. He's very young and hopefully choses to invest in himself.

Not sure what Porter has to do with anything. Different team, different time, different coaches.

The Dallas Cowboys signed South Alabama QB Brandon Bridge.
Bridge (6'5/235) threw for 1,927 yards and 15 touchdowns with eight interceptions in 2014, while leading South Alabama to their first-ever bowl bid. Bridge was thought to be a late round prospect, but ended up not being drafted. It was first reported that he signed with the Detroit Lions, but he confirmed that he signed with the Cowboys on Sunday. The South Alabama prospect has a ton of upside, but is still a raw talent that still needs to be developed.
Source: Dane Brugler on Twitter
May 4 - 2:42 PM
Brandon Bridge - QB - Jaguars

ESPN NFL Insider Adam Caplan believes South Alabama QB Brandon Bridge is "worth taking a chance on due to size" and "arm strength" as a late developmental QB.
The 6-foot-5, 235-pound Bridge showcases size and raw talent that evaluators fall in love with. Bridge has one of the strongest arms in this year's draft class and has mobility out of the pocket as well. The South Alabama prospect needs a ton of work as a passer, but he'd be the perfect candidate on day three to develop.
Source: Adam Caplan on Twitter
Apr 17 - 3:21 PM
Brandon Bridge - QB - Jaguars

Physically speaking, writes TFY Draft Insider's Tony Pauline, South Alabama QB Brandon Bridge "is one of the better quarterbacks in this draft considering his size, arm strength and athleticism."
The good news ends there. "His mechanics are awful as can be his decision-making, but at the very least Bridge should be stashed on a practice squad considering the upside potential he possesses," Pauline wrote. We thoroughly enjoyed watching Bridge's game in college, but he's a rhino with a bazooka from a developmental standpoint: The 6-foot-5, 235-pound Bridge has a major league arm and the size and athleticism of an elite tight end, but you're unlikely to observe a rawer QB with a chance to get drafted. Bridge's feet are happier than that annoyingly catchy Pharrell Williams song and he pumps fastballs to nearby receivers expecting changeups. If you love your quarterback coach, Bridge provides one of the more intriguing hunks of clay in recent memory. A Day 3 pick isn't an unreasonable investment.

I pasted the above from " 2015 Nfl Draft: The Five Sleeper QB Prospects". The first time I saw Bridge was at the first Als game this year as he was the starting QB. He was not impressive in his QB role at that time neither in his role in the Third and One situations. Seeing Bridge play as QB in the Als final game against Regina, I witnessed some positive progress in his QBing.There has been some improvement when you compare what is noted above (NFL Scouts report) with the impressions I perceived of his play. I found that Bridge was poised and appeared confident in his role. He completed 9 of 10 passes to begin the game which led to the Als first td. He is a huge man, 6'5 235 , athletic, with great arm strength and, a noted ability to run/scramble. His passing completion rate was 70%. His arm strength as measured in the Cunningham TD was thrown quickly when Bridge was somewhat off balance.He will need to work on his footwork and, his touch and the tone of his throws.As the scouts noted Bridge throws fastballs. With coaching Bridge must learn that fastballs sometimes don't make it easy for a receiver to catch and, he'll need to work on touch Other than a poor hand off which led to Sask's victory, Bridge made no significant errors. Knowing the scouting reports, I expected worse play. He played well.
Bridge is young and, in need of additional coaching. He's no Rick Ray and, did not make Ray's kind of reads before he throws the ball. Bridge will have a splendid opportunity to develop with the coaching of Calvillo and Glen. If the negatives of Bridges play, as noted by the scouts report, demonstrate improvement, we may have a really good QB. There is so much written every year about Canada's inability to produce competent QBs. Should Bridge succeed as required, the Als would be a great fan driven team. Bridge will require some degree of success in his career. I do hope he will have some degree of practice and, possibly some game experience also.

Merci de nous avoir relayé ces informations. :thup:

Je crois que Bridge peut être développé. On ne peut dire s'il sera un jour du niveau d'un partant, mais son dernier départ a montré qu'il a appris cette saison. À mon sens, il mérite qu'on s'intéresse encore à sa candidature mais il est encore loin de Cato.

Combine the positives of Bridge & Cato into one person and then you might have something.

James Franklin?

Of course, it would be nobody in the CFL. The imaginary player would be playing down south instead. If Bridge and/or Cato had some of the traits of the other, they would not be playing in this league.

True, but its almost comical how much of ....

Just that Glenn's been through that before, and came out on top.

And I enjoy deja vu. No harm meant.