Brandon Bridge: Excitement and promise

There is no nice way of putting it, he is done.
Should have retired like Hank did after winning the GC.
There is no chance the Argos will sign him to play if he does not retire.

Bridge looked really good in the east playoff game in Toronto coming on in relief of Glenn who crapped the bed .

He was in command and if it wasn’t for Ray’s heroics he would have a Grey Cup game experience .

Bridge has to figure out the mental aspect of the game and he will do fine . Like many others he needs to park the yips .

yeah…I realized he wasn’t. My point was that someone commented Ray would be there to help Bridge out…but he isn’t with the team at this time.

There is nothing stopping that other than burning a roster spot. If he doesn’t care about the money and wants to coach, then sign him onto the PR. Of course if the league catches on then they might look unfavorably at them and not give them grace on future matters.

honestly…the issue Bridge has to work on most is learning how to ease up on some of the short passes. The guy has a cannon for an arm and broke 57mph on official clocking…which is top end…and supposedly can hit 62. The problem is that he has a really hard time easing up on that velocity. When someone comes across the middle 6 yards deep, they generally aren’t catching that unless it hits them in the numbers or is a bit low. You don’t have time to react to something higher and if it trails you, you are lucky if you can just get a finger on it to knock it down. He also struggles with this on some of the screens and flats when he tries putting touch on it. He does better with things spread out where he can let plays progress a bit. They worked with him a lot…but he never got there. Glenn and Jackson were seeming to make really good progress, but he regressed in 2018. He also regressed with the sandlot stuff to…I just don’t think he had the right QB coach for him there.

there are lots of things like relying on taking off and such…throwing deep into 2-3 cover…not recognizing what the Safety is doing (or not doing)…that only improves with reps. but the mechanics I mentioned above…he needs to improve on that outside of game action. If he can, then he could be a solid QB. He also has to take that fake one way and loop around 8 yards back out of his move book. DEs have seen the video…they know to just side step and wait for him to turn into them now.

The mental aspect…IMO he is fine…he just needs to reps.

Doubt CFL would only say “don’t do it again or else” … it would be an abundantly obvious cap evasion issue (player or coaches) that would have to be dealt-t with strictly yo set precedent … play, practice roster pay is minimal, not enough to entice Ray.

And again, I doubt that Ray would want to start his coaching career under Jacques Chapdelaine.

if it is not in the rules it is not in the rules. it is obviously circumventing the cap’s intent…and? Rules are generally created because someone broke the spirit of something else…such would be the case here. The commissioner would have harsh words and request it be stopped and then they would try to come up with wording that would be very difficult…how do you say that a member player can not mentor / coach when it happens continually in an unofficial manner. Perhaps they would need to add PR restrictions after X experience.

Whether Ray would do it or not is really not the point.

I would expect all salary caps have wording similar to what is found in the NH:-NHLPA CBA:

Preamble. It is the parties’ intention that there be full, accurate and timely disclosure and reporting of all revenues and financial information as required by Article 50, as well as of any and all agreements involving payments to Players, and that such disclosures and agreements be consistent with this Agreement, including but not limited to the provisions of Article 50. This Article 26 is designed to prohibit and prevent conduct that Circumvents the terms of this Agreement, while not deterring or prohibiting conduct permitted by this Agreement, the latter conduct not being a Circumvention.
26.1 General. The activities described or referred to in, or expressly prohibited by, Sections 26.2 through 26.7, and 26.15, whether completed or attempted, directly or indirectly, shall be deemed Circumventions under this Agreement and shall be penalized as described in and provided by Section 26.13.

The NHL-NHLPA CBA gives broad power ( activities described or referred to… or expressly prohibited) to deal with circumvention.

The thing that drives me crazy about BB is his continual channeling of Cam Newton.

From the towel on his head.
To his pouty expression
Horrible footwork
Reliance on a bullet arm regardless of it being a 50 or 5 yarder.

I just find him playing a role. Not being a QB. Pretending that he is championing the role of the Canadian QB.

If a guy is on the PR and taking reps but also coaching players up I don’t see what they could really say. It happens now all the time.

PR guys may well get some reps … but don’t think many (if any) coach other players.

I think players play and coaches coach.
It makes for a good story when announcers state the starter is mentoring someone. A bromance myth in my mind.

I remember when BC wanted McCallum to “coach-up” Whyte in BC. MaCallum said stuff it. “why would I coach up Whyte to take my job”.

Ever see Calvillo even talk to his back-up when he was playing?

Rodgers in Green Bay only laughs when people suggest Favre helped him out.

Same with Peyton Manning.

No player is going to coach-up his understudy to take his job. Makes no sense.

Well Ricky Ray Has been in Toronto for quite some time now. He hasnt officially announced his retirement as of yet.
Regardless of my opinion or the many other opinions. On potentially coaching, mentoring a guy like bridge.
What else would Ricky Ray be doing next year to garner a paycheck.
Players often do sign
ex Manny Arceneau knowing that they will be out for 6 to half a season.
They are still signed & placed on the 6 game IR to start the season. While on the 6 game salaries dont count towards the cap.
MLSE/Rogers are Loaded. Paying Ricky to say 250K is a drop in the bucket for them.
From there if Ray cant come back he just stays on 6Game IRs all season no harm no foul.
With his career potentially being over or close to being over.
He isnt AC. So there wuldnt be any reason to help mentor his future replacement QBs

As for Travis Lulay the BC Lions dont have that luxury and endless supply of $$$
Lulay & his family reside in Vancouver year rnd now.
So if they had an endless supply of $$$$ Lulays situation may have been different

…Kevin Glenn’s been doing it pretty much his whole career :smiley:

By taking reps I mean participating…and that is the point. 3 barely gets reps so imagine 4… aka coaching time

In your mind is key.
It happens a lot

It may happen a lot as you say. But not when the “mentor” is trying to remain the starter and the “student” is a threat to unseat him.

and a 4th string QB is trying to remain the starter how exactly?

And it does happen…lots.

If a starter is at the end of his career and the end is in sight, you can bet he will help his future replacement, especially if it means there are future income opportunities tied to it. It’s all about the, uh, I would say Benjamins, but given this is Canada we’re talking about and the Queen is on the twenty, I’ll say it’s all about the Elizabeths. :smiley: