Brandon Bridge: Excitement and promise

Brandon Bridge’s arrival in Toronto is the most exciting thing to happen to the Argos since the powder blue uniforms in the seventies. This fellow has so much promise: what he needs is for everyone who loves Canadian football to protect him, as a good offensive line does. Keep this guy clean, and give him time to develop. He’s what? Twenty six?

Can’t any offensive coordinator actually teach?

Go BB, go Canadian football!

Well worthy of a sponsorship from Air Canada!

Im happy the Argo’s grabbed Brandon Bridge, and i wish him well.

That said, aside from Condredge Holloway, and the 1983 Grey Cup, those powder blue uniforms of the 1970’s were the BOMB !!!

Prepare to be disappointed.

Idunno…he has all the tools and he is not an idiot. He showed a lot of improvement in 2017…but regressed last year. I think the loss of Glenn hurt, because he wasn’t great at getting put in and out of action and being on such a leash…hard to play well when your confidence is destroyed. I think that if he is in a system that lets him be a little more mobile and is not as much focussed on timing passes then he might be alright. He needs to learn how to take some of the zip off of short passes though.

Well, he will have Ricky Ray as a tutor. That should mean something. I just hope the Argos don’t blow it by playing him too much too often early on. I’d really like to see him succeed, but he needs the boost in confidence that comes from being successful. So, I’d like to see him in spot high-percentage situations for the first several games. If the Argos can help him transform into a solid starter the guy could become a bona fide Canadian superstar, but the it also means the Argos will have to learn how to win again — and none of this getting to the show almost by accident after winning only six games or something.

Didn’t realize Ray was signed.

I tend to think he needs to climb over 2 other players to start and one to be in spot duty situations.

Wow I don’t know how he’ll get more playing time then he did in Regina as the Argos have twice the number of QB’s signed.
They have another Canadian in Picton don’t they? Plus James Franklin and another guy (prukop) and then if Ray signs.
Don’t see any playing time for Bridge really???

One thing bridge has going for him is his size, which makes him less supseptable to the big hits, so if they can get him going he could prove to be good one, with Ray mentoring . We’ll see if he gets past training camp/

The Argos now have five QBs under contract: James Franklin, McLeod Bethel-Thompson, Dakota Prukop, Noah Picton, and Brandon Bridge. Out of the five, Bridge has the third-most CFL starts (Prukop and Picton with none). Franklin, McBeth, and Bridge all threw more interceptions than touchdowns last year, and each had a losing record (2-6, 2-6, 2-3, respectively). I would imagine that nothing is really set in stone and anyone could be cut or traded (except Franklin, he seems to be the presumptive starter).

It will also be a brand new offense with Jacques Chapdelaine, so no one has a leg up in terms of familiarity with the scheme. If the CBA allows for a National quarterback to count for the ratio, that would also give Bridge an advantage.

If Ray comes back he can challenge for the all-time record for most games getting paid while injured. I’m thinking he’s already north of 40 games, perhaps even 50. Lesser players would have been shown the door ages ago, but when you’re as good as Ricky, they keep inviting you back.

I hope he does well.

Not sure if something happened behind the scenes with the Riders, but whenever he was out on the field Jones and the coaches didn’t seem to trust him.

Previous year, he would go out with seemingly the whole playbook and did well with limited previous experience.

Last year, from the start, he seemed to be not allowed to throw more than 10 yard routes with a limited playbook. Then the playoffs come, and they hand him a large portion of the playbook and then he gets criticized for not being able to make throws that he wasn’t allowed to do all year.


Great athlete, horrible QB. He couldn’t hit water sitting in a boat last season. The playoff game was one of the worst I’ve ever seen by a CFL QB.

BB looked decent when the Als were toast in 2015, threw 11 passes over 3 games when Saskatchewan was 3-16 in 2016, threw 4 games worth of passes over 12 games in 2017 and the same over 8 games in 2018 … lots of QBs with all the tools who are not idiots" are mediocre QBs at best … I think this is BB last chance and predict he will not even be as good as the Als QBs … despite far better receivers … great size and very athletic, so might make a good slotback

Don’t believe he is a severely doubt that he will … don’t see him wanting to stick around TO to Strat any sort of off-field role under the offensive genius that isJacques Chapdelaine

He’ll be back. Why would he turn down good money will little chance of injury. And the Argos NEED his expertise.

If he steps on the field there is HUGE risk of injury and if he signs on as some sort of coach for “good money” the Argos management cap is .

I also wouldn’t expect Ray back after the injuries he’s experienced in recent years, especially last year.

I wonder, though, if there’s anything from stopping the Argos from hiring him as a QB but using him really as a QB coach, so that his salary would count against the player’s cap rather than the coaching cap.

This is exactly what I had in mind for him. I can’t see him actually playing, except under the most extreme situations, but I don’t know that the Argos wouldn’t want to use his no doubt hefty salary requirements elsewhere, even if it means losing his valuable experience. I’m sure they’re still hashing it out, and I still think he’ll end up with the team one way or another.