Brandon Bridge (Air Canada)

Popp just signed him , really hope he makes the Als roster and excels in the future.

While I also hope Bridge succeeds in the CFL (except against the Argonauts), I'm starting to think that Jim Popp is signing players for their newsworthiness as much as their playing ability.
If that is the case, I'm not impressed.

You are not impressed or jealous?


Bridge has great physical gifts, which is why he was invited to the NFL combine. But his college numbers are really much less than impressive. The book on him is that he very erratic in terms of accuracy. Good luck to him. It would be nice to see a Canadian QB become not only a starter, but a quality starter.

Of Bridge or the Alouettes?
I guess my comment wasn't clear.

I meant I'm not impressed by what I suspect is the Alouettes signing players more for their newsworthiness than their playing ability.
That isn't to say that Bridge, Sam, or Chad Johnson in 2014 weren't necessarily worth a look, but the trend of one team signing these "newsmakers" does not impress me.
It's starting to seem like a marketing strategy more than a football strategy.

Both Bridge and Sam are both typical players that all CFL teams sign. Sam a tweener after a season of Bouncing around NFL. Bridge A small school mid major QB that needs to be developed.
There news worthy ness are things that could have potentially kept teams from signing them.
Sam with his very new to pro sports alternate sexual life style. Bridge a Canadian QB no explanation needed there.
So if you look at it from that perspective he really is basing it on their football abilities alone.
Two highly touted pro football prospects for whatever reason it may be did not find an NFL fit.

If Marsh was coming out of college this season which two of these three would you sign. Marsh, Cato, Bridge?

The list of Import tweeners signed each year is endless. Sam has some pretty high credentials coming out of SEC and some NFL time than plenty of others that sign every season.

If you want to talk publicity stunt Stamps drafting Buckley??? He would have been in Calgary's camp regardless as a non counter and return for his final year of eligibity. Every booster, Alumni, or student body member of the U of Calgary will be at the home pre season game now.

Seemed to workout ok with Duron Carter.

CFL contracts are "employment agreements" there is zero risk to bringing in players to camp, especially rookies and their 400.00 stipend.