Brandon Banks

Last thing I am here to do is put a player down. However, I need to ask the question.
Why the love affair with Brandon Banks? Is it because he is an ex-nfl wide receiver? Or because he always seems to be happy and smiling around team mates?
I guess my question is wouldn't you prefer a guy who is 6 ft 200lbs (Sinkfield) or a player like McDuffie who bigger and stonger than Brandon Banks?
Once again, don't get me wrong, I am not here to put him down, I just always grew up with the idea of "better is better" and I feel that better wears number 19 or number 14 in this situation.

I see the highlights, I watched them all. But I also see him not being able to break a tackle or anything that Sinkfield and McDuffie can't do.
Please don't take this for hating on a player or anything, I just feel like bigger on the outside with the same speed is better for us since we don't have a deep threat. And Banks has yet to be "that guy" on offence.

just giving you a few reasons for the love affair.

its Banks job to lose btw

I know it's his to lose. I am just saying, bigger, stronger (same speed because we are discussing a positive issue we have) just seems to be more beneficial here.
But who am I to say anything, that's why I'm on here and the coaches are getting paid to do what they do.

why not have Banks and Sinkfield on the outsides to take the tops off of the defence. if you want to complain about a wr its Sammy G. that you should be looking at imo.

He's a whole other issue. I agree with you there. Not complaining about Banks. I am just saying if Giguere being a non-import has to play, id prefer to see Sinkfield. But option B) having banks and sinkfield in the line-up. I'll take that any day of the week.

Sammy G is a Canadian mentioned in the forum about him. Yes he is on the wide side and doesn't catch a lot of balls but he is one hell of a blocker on the screens, swing passes that we do to his side. Banks on the other hand has been manhandled when it comes to being a blocker. WR need to be fast and catch the ball, but they also have a blocking duty as well. Singfield should be the best option for this, as he is big and strong and just as fast as Banks. He also does not dance around when he gets the ball. He picks a spot and goes. As Action2521 said not picking on any players, but just want whats best for the team.

Why Banks?
Pretty simple really. He's been here over a year and knows the play book much better than Sinkfield and likely McDuffie (no knock on either of those players either). That means he can be used more extensively than the more-recently-signed Sinkfield who is still learning the system. I doubt that we've seen the last of Sinkfield though. He did a good job last week on returns and in limited action on offense.

It could come down to the fact that Banks has been here longer than the other two and is more familiar with the playbook.

Nice problem to have, for sure. It could be interesting at training camp next year.

Always good to have a conversation where we are discussing a "good" problem to have. No one can argue there. However, I do agree, our training camp next year could be very interesting in that position.

But at the end of the day, we still have games to play here. So let's get ourselves into healthy position as we seem to be doing and we can fight for the grey cup again. Durant-less or not, last weeks game was an eye opener for the west. We are getting better and scarier.

give me wr's that can catch and run rather than block any day. esp in the CFL.

Agree that this is a great problem to have, because if one guy is struggling you know you have some guys waiting in the wings to jump at their chance to play.

Durant or no Durant....we still played the same TSN glorified :roll: Riders D that we played in week 1 who got 10 sacks against us and we marched up and down the field against them on Sunday and made them look pretty pedestrian

lets put the same stamp on the Eskies to send a real message :rockin:

And just how many sacks did the "mighty" Chick have?? :lol:

Absolutely! And considering that the EE barely beat us on their own turf after taking out Collaros, the Ticats should be able to do just that! :thup: :thup:

Gotta love how the team is getting better and stronger at the right time tabbiefanmcb....all of our guys are coming to play when its important. Same thing happened last year!

The ball game may come down to how well our two young replacements fare in the middle of our DLine. Lets hope they have a great game. You can bet the coach has bodies ready to go in if they find the going tough. :thup:

Because they call him SPEEDY for a reason :rockin: he could go all the way!!!

I don't generally bump older threads but ............................ :wink:

Yeah, good call Ryan. Not the first time he's won a game for us that way either.

I'm looking for an update from action2521: your latest thoughts on Banks?