Brandon Banks why Argos

Why did the Argos sign Brandon if they don't intend to use him. He ran one punt back further then anyone else on the team and that was the only time they used him all game. It was the same when they acquired
Charlston Hughes last year.It is a waste of team finances and players talent.
They have the tools USE THEM PLEASE

There seems to be some conflict and heavy emotions on that team that don't seem to be under control .

A few other teams seem to have the same issue so they are not alone in that regard .

Only speculating and not an ounce of first hand knowledge but after the blow up in BC there maybe player conflict that is effecting who is playing where and when .

Again just a guess .

Brandon Banks is a hothead who thinks he is the cat's arse.
It's actually comical the way he embarrasses himself on TV.


His childish behaviour is a big reason. I would bet Pinball let him know he would have no problem shoving him out the door with a troublemaker sign hanging on him when he did.

That behaviour affects and infects the whole team. I have little doubt Dinwiddie will let the whole team know acceptable and unacceptable in no uncertain terms this week.....there was a lot of unacceptable behaviour in Regina this week.