Brandon Banks wants change

Brandon Banks

I’m just tired of losing call it what u want ! #change

Well he can't be talking about coach Jones....cause he wanted Austin out of here.... What else could he be referring to?

Hmm sounds like "players' revolt" is brewing. :wink:

But against a nice guy coach and media darling?

Your move, Drew Edwards.

But I don't understand....

At least it's not as bad as last year....

At least we didn't lose 60-1..

At least we still have a home playoff game...

At least Masoli tied a record...

Banks needs to grow up and keep his opinions to himself. Top notch players do their talking on the field and do not beak off on Twitter.


Starting to think maybe stats can be misleading.

Any 5 year old can tell you what he's talking about. He's talking about June Jones. And I have to agree with Banks. It's either Banks or Jones. I don't want to lose Banks because Jones is out to lunch.

He was a free agent and could have gone anywhere he wanted. June Jones force fed him the ball like 14 times a game last year.

He chose to come back and after 5 games he has no right to comment no matter what he's referring to. But based on the fits he threw on the field I'm wondering if that was directed to our inconsistent QB.

Judging by Tollivers attitude me thinks he has some opinions on the state of the offense too.

Might just be a change in effort, or preparation, or playing smarter.
Pretty vague post by Speedy

Some coaching advice for Banks and Tolliver. Run an shoot offence allows the receivers the opportunity to use their leverage against the defence. In short, the defence is rarely right and if you catch the ball there should be positive gains. Mouse Davis and June June's are not fools the offence works if read and run the correct routes.

I interpreted it this way as well. Or very simply to mean a change from a losing to a winning culture.

Team has bent over backwards for this guy. Hope the door don’t hit him on his way out.

You mean a change from a losing to a whining culture!

Likely a response to the clip of him on the sidely showinv his frustration and nothing more. FAKE NEWS everyone.

8)Disension out of control already on this team !!! :wink:

Whoda thunk this would happen this soon ?? ::slight_smile:

Coach Jones is right in what he said....if some of these players think they can call better plays
than me.....let them go ahead and try it !! ??? :-[

Wait....he said that???

  1. Yep, he sure did !! Heard him say it on the radio TSN 1150 after the game on way home.

    The video is still on the TiCat site of him post game. The video where he is not wearing his

    He also said the guys who were spouting off on the sidelines is what losers do !!!

Jones is right. Maybe what Banks wants is to get traded. Keep it up and he'll get his wish. It's JJ's team, not his.

That's absolutely classic.