Brandon Banks signs with Redskins?

NFL transactions (CBS Sports) has Banks as an UFA signing with Washington, Wed. May 3. :roll: :roll: What the hell is that all about?

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

You mean this guy?

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:? Yup it's certainly there , right at the bottom of Transactions - Wednesday May 3 , 2017 . Wonder what gives ?

Unless there's another Brandon Banks that we're unaware of ? I thought he was locked up here under contract for this season . Will have to just wait and see if there is any official announcement today . Strange , very strange indeed . :o

Different Brandon Banks. Guy that was signed is a DL from UNC Charlotte.

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There's a local story out of Charlotte NC this week about several former UNC Charlotte players signing with NFL teams, including a D lineman named Brandon Banks signing with Washington:

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What he said.

Strange coincidences here. Click on the name and you get the 30 year old from Kansas State. The team signing him is Washington, Speedy B's old team. The NFL site doesn't show the transaction but the CBS site apparently gets it wrong. I just watched a replay of Banks last night, returning a punt for a touchdown in the 4th game of 2016 in Montreal.

Maybe I should go buy a lottery ticket or prepare for the end of times by building a large boat with Joan and Noah of Arc. :oops:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Buy a lottery's easier than building a boat. And....welcome to the club! :smiley:

mr62cats (the older I get the better I was)

A 5’7" defensive lineman? Well, he’d have good speed coming off the corner.

Just rollin' along....