Brandon Banks return from injury

Got to say that Brandon’s injury is one of the more horrific ones I’ve ever seen. I’m genuinely concerned about his comeback abilities. What do you other fans think?

A broken clavicle is not a major setback for a receiver, IMO.

It’s not like a blown knee.

Banks will be back in Hamilton in 2019.

Why would he sign with another team? Masoli and Banks have unreal chemistry, and June Jones decided to move Banks to receiver…there’s loyalty there.

The Tiger-Cats would also love to bring back receiver Speedy Banks, who was also in the conversation for the CFL’s Most Outstanding Player award until suffering a broken clavicle late in the season against the Redblacks. Said Burke: “Brandon over the past season and a half has been a great receiver. I think there’s a lot of trust built between Brandon and us. I’m very optimistic we can work toward keeping him in the Ticat black and gold.?

Perhaps I should rephrase my post. I’m not asking if he returns but how he’ll hold up when he does.

i hopeBanks will be back in Hamilton in 2019

buddy’s never seen the Theisman hit apparently.

fractured clavicle will come back stronger than before, especially with proper rehab. not like a broken leg, dickered shoulder, or blown knee.

It is more than a fracture, But I agree, he will come back and he will be awesome this year!

we get that, but its the term

I am sure he will come back ready to go. Hope someone can help take off the workload on Banks as well, keep him fresh during the long season.

The emergence of Addison late last season should help spread the ball around. But I think Speedy B actually WANTS Masoli to target him on every play. ;D

Why do you say that? There are many brutal injuries in football. Joe’s is one of them, and so was Brandon’s. ?

Joe’s distorted leg was there for all to see, while Speedy’s clavicle was covered by his pads and sweater . Players were tossing their cookies upon seeing Joe’s injury .

As you probably know, I’m not a doctor although I do play one on television. I believe the clavicle is one of the easiest bones to break . Aaron Rodgers, the Packer QB underwentleftcollarbone surgery in 2013 and right collarbone surgery in 2017 . He’s still quarterbacking the Meat Packers although a knee injury and a concussion slowed his 2018 season .

Football is a tough game and maybe the clavicle was ill-designed for the game. Here’s hoping that Speedy is back and ready to go in 2019 .

Pat Lynch (I never went to Doctor School but I hung around the drugstore a lot)

Along with the knee, the ankle, the hamstring, the groin, the ribs, the shoulder, and of course, the head.

Oh Dayton Allen, Gabe Dell, Louis Nye, Pat Harrington, Don Knotts, Bill Dana, Tom Poston, Buck Henry, and of course Steve Allen were must see comedians in our house back in the day (1956 to 61 ?) . Those were the early days of variety shows, along with Ed Sullivan .

It is amazing, as we get older,that we can remember some routines from the 50s but can’t recall what we had for lunch yesterday . Ramrod clearly recalls the 50s but yesterday, was it atuna fish sandwich or Larry Storch’s tongue sandwich that you had for lunch ?

Pat Lynch (the old dude who wouldn’t eat anything out of an animal’s mouth(tongue) but I loved egg sandwiches)

Tiger-Cats’ Brandon Banks seeks pay bump as free agency looms

Banks said he has fully recovered fromhis broken clavicle, taking local rehab with the approval of the Ticats. The final restriction — reaching over his head to catch thrown balls — is scheduled to be removed Jan. 20.
If the Ticats can get him under contract, he’ll reunite with fellow speedster Jalen Saunders, who tore his ACL on Labour Day, and was re-signed in December.
“Having Jalen back is definitely a plus for the team,” Banks said. "I’d like to play with him again. (Defences) have to pay attention to him and that complements me, Luke Tasker, and the other guys.
“I want to be back, but I’m going to be upfront about this: I just want to be compensated.”


Hamilton is a perfect fit for Speedy . Here’s hoping that he doesn’t price himself out of our market . The grass isn’t always greener . :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch (the old dude)

I think Speedy should factor in where else he can go and still be the ‘marquee’ receiver? Might he just be the next Terrance Sinkfield or Duron Carter on another team? I suppose if it is just dollars, it doesn’t matter, but my impression is that Speedy not only wants to play, he wants to be the featured receiver. Just a feeling.

Ticats would be foolish to not pay him.

Any guy that can get you two or three TD’s a game and has opposition defenses in knots you give the guy a good raise. Speedy will get more Speedy with more gas money. ;D :wink: