Brandon Banks part ways with Hamilton - possible destination?

Tough to see Banks go. Been a great player. He is still well loved in Manhatten, KS

Toronto---- As always Toronto always picks up Hamilton players
Calgary ---- Playing with Bo-Levi could rejuvenate not only Banks but Bo-Levi.
Saskatchewan ----- Rumors already that the Cody wants Banks to join their WR group.

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Where'd you hear that?

RP show

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Big loss for the ‘Cats. Which ever team he ends up with will instantly improve. He still has a few great years left in him.

Well if Pom Pom said it then it must be true . :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :rofl:

With Dedmon gone, Ottawa might take a chance, otherwise I think he's done. Prove me wrong, Speedy.

Wherever Masoli lands. They pair up and finally win that cup that has eluded them for too many years.

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Retirement? If you want one truism in sports it is "never cut down any former or current team". No matter whats happening, how unhappy you are, how terrible the situation you are in, live by that old rule "if you can't say anything good...don't say anything."

Every player that opened his mouth to cut down his team or a former team in the last year is either on the FA list or unemployed. Like Banks will be.

There is no team out there thinking "We really need a player who is disruptive and cares more about himself than the team."

He'll get signed by the New Orleans Breakers.

The nice thing about multiple football leagues is they all have to compete for player talent which means higher salaries for the players.

Sounds like that mean duke is going else where than sask. I suspect back to Edmonton. Where he was before. Riders just can;t seem to keep players around. ?

every team every season has a huge FA list and no team keeps a large percentage of players every year contracts are the norm because the way teams play fast and fancy with wages and cutting players just before agreed to bonuses are to be paid are two of the biggest reasons...combined with the salary cap not helping teams better $$ to the great players...Some teams do better than others too. The Canadian part of any team's roster is big team is ever successful without very good Canadian talent on the roster.