Brandon Banks Moment

On Drew's Scratching Post Brandon Banks was quoted as follows:

"It feels like the greatest moment of my life happened, then it didn't happen,? Banks said. “That was a career-defining moment for me and it was just taken from me.?

The way I see it, I don't think this moment can ever be taken from him. The guy who got "blocked in the back" couldn't have stopped Banks anyway and the rest of the run speaks for itself. Regardless of the penalty call, it happened No other Calgary player on the field was aware of the penalty and still they couldn't catch him. This run was all Banks and that's the way I'll remember it. Just because the score didn't count, doesn't mean it didn't actually happen. Any other teams looking to sign him will pay little attention to the penalty and just say "look at that guy go" and in my opinion, that can never be taken away

You're forgetting the other important members of the special "teams" they (minus Reed :frowning:) did a terrific job sealing off the CGY players so Banks can reverse his direction.

Sorry Ryan3434, you're absolutely correct! Without the other players support and effort it wouldn't have happened. I guess I took it for granted that everyone on the field contributed, thanks for pointing that out. My only point was that Banks should not feel any remorse just because the points didn't go on the board, or the yards gained will not go on the record, he done what he done mostly on his own like he has done before, and he shouldn't feel he lost anything. Thanks again for pointing this out, special teams have been super for us this year.

One other thing that made the moment truly special (B) was that Calgary has one of the toprated coverage special teams. Truly remarkable that this happened, and something I would tell my grandchildren about (if I had had any kids, of course - you have to start there). I have the game pvr'd and plan to watch certain plays again once the bad taste of defeat goes away, maybe in a month or so.

I truly hope (selfishly I know) that Brandon Banks signs longterm with us. I know the NFL will come knocking and he has to think of his financial future, but it would be great if the Ticats can work something out with him.

:thup: :thup:

Since he has already had about three years in the NFL, there seems to be no certainty that they will again give him serious consideration. He may get some workouts and maybe even some potential sniffs (like Simoni did last year). The good news is that IF there is nothing works out for him in the NFL he WILL re-sign with Hamilton. :smiley:

Yes, but if they offer him a 6 figure bonus for signing, even if he won’t make their roster, that might unfortunately (for us but not for him financially) be enough to entice him to sign. We can’t compete financially with the No Fun League. Their pockets are just too deep.

Others here will know the rules better than I do but I think he is no longer NFL practice-squad eligible and the minimum salary he could be paid would be $730K. More power to him if he gets it and he certainly deserves a chance to try if he wants, but even in the rich NFL, there might not be a lot of takers at that price.

What's the rules for the NFL signing him now. I don't doubt for a second a team that's struggling in the punt return area will pick him up in the next few weeks(rules permitting of course)

Unless the Ticats grant him an early release (or re-sign him), he will become a free agent on Feb. 15 2015 and can then sign with any team that offers him a contract.

I don't think the Cats would want him to become a free agent, that would open up a whole new can of worms. Any team could go after him and I'm 100% certain he would get a lot of attention from the rest of the league. I really believe that he want to take some time to recover from Vancouver and think things over but my hunch is, he would like to come back with us. Finances will probably be the determining factor and I doubt we can come close to down south. I just hope when all the dust clears, he's back in bblack and gold wearing #16 again.


that may just work in our favour than. if he was a FA in the next week some team would definitely pick him up. but if they have to wait till next season than some of the hype (not the right word) will have worn off by than.

If he re-signs with us, he can wear any dang number he wants… lol

In his last interview he specifically said that if he returns to the CFL it will only be with the Cats. I think releasing him now makes sense as a goodwill gesture on the part of Austin. Speedy B seems to be the honourable type to me.


This can't be good news for us,

Drew Edwards @scratchingpost · 8h 8 hours ago

RT @KMGSportsMgmt: @KMGSportsMgmt welcomes NFL and CFL veteran Brandon Banks to the #KMGfam. @speedybanks87

So he got a new agent. What's the big deal? As Drew mentioned, it might be difficult for an NFL team to sign him due to the minimum $750k (or so) and NFLPA stipulation that he must be on a playing roster (no Practice Roster eligibility left). KMG would probably be up-to-speed (ugh) AND CERTIFIED on CFL and CFLPA contract rules and regulations regarding contract negotiations, so there should not be another CW situation.

It was likely Rico Murray who connected Speedy with KMG. He's one of 27 football playing clients listed in their website and, I believe, the only one playing in the CFL.

My brother and I were at the game in Vancouver so we missed the details of what happened after the return. Correct me if I'm wrong but Banks didn't go back in for the last 35 seconds. Was this Austin's decision or Banks'? If Banks quit on this team I have real doubts that Austin would want him back. If he quit on us, I think we need to find a replacement.

Neither. It was the laws of human physiology. 150-yard sprint at the end of a 3-hour football game.

Yer joking right ? Stop and think about it for a moment ? If it wasn't for Banks,there's a good chance that the Cats don't even make the playoffs,let alone make 1rst place,let alone even be in the Grey Cup. Speedy "B" played his guts out for us,and was literally a one man wrecking ball going down the stretch drive into the playoffs,I for one am getting a little sick and tired of hearing about how this little big man let us the fans and his team down. Seriously,give your head's a shake anyone who thinks that this guy is not a team player. Here are Bank's stats that he posted going back to the must win game against Ottawa,keeping in mind that he also had two punt returns touchdowns nullified by penalties.The stats speak out loud and clear,in the last 4 games of the season Banks contributed 810 yds of combined yardage,6 tds(3 rec,2 pr,1 kr)and if not for those flags would have had an unheard of 5 return tds in 4 games as well as an additional 180 more yds of offense and just a shade under 1000 yds total. So ya I can really understand where you're coming from thinking that Austin or his team mates would not want this guy on the team :roll: As others have said on here and it's so true at times....Only in Hamilton !!!
Unbelievable but sadly very true with some of the so called fans of this team. :x

Game #17-Hamilton at Ottawa (8 touches 146 total yds 2 tds)

2 rushes for 15 yds avg 7.5 yds
1 catch for 13 yds for a td
1 kick return for 103 yds for a td
4 punt returns for 15 yds

Game #18-Montreal at Hamilton (12 touches 171 total yds 1 td)

5 catches for 65 yds and a td
1 kick return for 21 yds
6 punt returns for 85 yds avg 14.2 yds

East Final vs Montreal at Hamilton(12 touches 293 total yds 2 tds)

3 rushes for 35 yds
4 catches for 33 yds
5 punt returns for 226 yds 45.2 yd avg 2 tds

Grey Cup vs Calgary (10 touches 200 total yds 1 td)

2 catches for 81 yds and a td
2 kick returns for 48 yds
6 punt returns for 71 yds