Brandon Banks G.O.A.T

Yes, it’s unfair to compare eras, a lot less passing in the distant past…Winfield suffered under bad QBs, teams but …

Banks is the greatest offensive player in HTC history…

you are going to have people challenging you, bringing up the past…

but I can’t disagree with you.

not one bit!

And to think, early on he wasn’t thought of as a receiver .

An every down receiver, no.

Hall of Fame , Wall of honour lock.

Might as well go ahead and add Banks and Lawrence to the wall now :slight_smile:

Banks is the man in this town, he and his teammates deserve a Cup.

They need a cup.

Is that a prerequisite for getting on the wall?

Should we remove Earl Winfield from the wall?

I just believe things like Hall of Fame, wall or honor, etc really have to have a championship associated. Unless your numbers are literally off the charts.

Nothing in the trophy case after this year would feel like robbery.

The word I look for is dynamic.

Earl was talented, and he was a great Tiger Cat.

BB is the type of player that we used to look back on and wish we had on our team.

He’s not just a great Tiger-Cat,
he’s a league star.

No question. He should be a shoe-in for MOP this year.

His versatility makes him the greatest player in the league. Fortunate for us he’s on our team. Unfortunate for him, he will not get proper recognition as he plays for a small market team.

It won’t be empty. Guaranteed!

Fool’s Gold.

Ballard Trophy, it’s not a cup, is the thing everyone forgets exists until it’s won then promptly forgets it again.

Do QBs count as “offensive players”?

You could make a pretty strong case for Winfield. When Banks caught his 10th TD pass last night I found myself wondering whether any other Ticat had ever had double-digit TD receptions for two consecutive seasons. Your post prompted me to look up Earl, who surely enough had 12 TD catches in 1994 and 13 in 1995.

The other interesting thing about Winfield is that he had a season (1988 ) with 5 return TDs and 1,200 receiving yards. Banks has excelled at both, but not in the same season. (When he was burning up the league on special teams he was only a part-time receiver.)

Career production for Winfield included 10,000 receiving yards and 75 offensive TDs. Banks so far has 5,000 yards receiving (milestone reached last night!) and 44 offensive TDs.

Had you said “greatest playmaker” instead of “greatest offensive player” you’d have a stronger case for Speedy, although a case could still be made for Earl with his 12 return TDs. In terms of total offensive yards, Wikipedia shows Winfield at 14,798 and I calculate Banks at 11,989. Total TDs are 87 to 57.

As soon as the LDC was over, Banks grabbed the Ballard Trophy and had it up over his head. His blood is black and gold for sure

Certainly an imperfect excercise on my part.

One could also argue much of Winfields total stats are a measure of longevity and does longevity necessarily equal greatness ?

And by no means is any of this meant to diminish anyone.