Brandon Banks back?

I have seen some posts on face book saying he is back in Hamilton today but I can't seem to find any proof. Has anyone else heard anything?
I seen a post saying they wish he would come to Hamilton and he replied "I'm right where I'm supposed to be"
I don't know if your supposed to read between the lines or, he was still focusing on his family issues.
Just curious if anyone has any idea of what is going on.

I don't think he's back. Being "where he's supposed to be" probably refers to him being where he can deal with his family issues. I'm sure he'd rather be playing football but family is important too and sometimes takes precedence.

I don't think there's much reason to stress about it until the week before regular season kickoff. As someone else posted, Banks doesn't need a full camp to learn to return kicks, and if he's out for longer, I'm sure Owens can pick up the slack.


brandon banks ?@speedybanks87 · May 30 Smh alway looking for a story... [b]I do have kids that Come before FB[/b]... #reality #norespect
Not sure what he was responding to, but that second part says it all. He is putting football on the back burner while dealing with his custody issues. And rightly so. Nothing is worth losing your children over.

But he is still working out to stay in shape for when he gets back to football.

brandon banks ?@speedybanks87 · May 30 “@ChadOwens2: @speedybanks87 we got you bro! Always take care of family first!? Thanks bro just kno I'm working everyday n will b there ASAP
brandon banks ?@speedybanks87 · May 31 Just kno I'm up and working on my craft ! #nodaysoff

Sounds like a stand up guy if you ask me. Kids first.

Kids 1st 100%
But business is business. Go to work or lose your job.
Surprising the lack of discussion from Austin on this.
One of his stars and highest paid guys MIA with no indication on when he will return

He has restructured his contract.

Drew EdwardsVerified account ?@scratchingpost 1h1 hour ago
#Ticats have agreed to a new contract with @speedybanks87. No details available yet. #CFL

Drew EdwardsVerified account ?@scratchingpost 53m53 minutes ago
New @speedybanks87 deal with #Ticats is a restructure, still signed through 2017.

Drew EdwardsVerified account ?@scratchingpost 51m51 minutes ago
[b]Absence by @speedybanks87 not related to contract talks: this wasn't and isn't a hold out. Family issues still need resolution. #Ticats #CFL

But @speedybanks87 new deal is a strong indicator that he'll be back with the #Ticats soon. #CFL[/b]

Banks restructures deal with Ticats, could return soon

[url=] ... turn-soon/[/url]

[i]Banks has yet to report to training camp and remains in the U.S. dealing with a family law situation. The new deal has the same term as the old one and runs through the end of the 2017 season but provides Banks with more up front money while giving the Ticats some cap relief. The net amount Banks receives is the same.

A number of CFL players restructured their deals in similar fashion this off-season to take advantage of a provision in the Canada-U.S. income tax treaty that allows international players who maintain a permanent residence south of the border to be taxed just 15 per cent on any signing bonus – much less than their usual Canadian tax rate.[/i]

I predict Banks will be back by game 1 of the regular season, and will score the first regular season punt return TD at BMO.

He's not missing. Austin knows exactly where he is, and that he's committed to coming to work when his issues are resolved. He's now suspended, the equivalent of an unpaid leave of absence, which many businesses would grant to their employees in a similar situation.

Brandon Banks is no longer suspended. Ref.: CFL transactions of June 9,2016.


The fact that D.J. Hunter was declared as suspended, at the same time, would indicate, to me, that Banks is quite likely here and ready to get to work and the Hunter move is to make room on the roster, for him, within in the 75 man limit.

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Speedy to play , slow to report. :cowboy:

I knew something was going on with him.

Ever thought Kent knows exactly whats going on and is not inclined to tell you about it?

I said on another thread that I thought there was more to this story than "family issues" the team and his agent did a good job of covering up that it was a contract issue and not a family issue.

It is completely a family issue, there is absolutely no contract issue here.
Austin has kept Speedy's family issues private, because really, it is no ones business but Speedy's and the team's.
This restructured contract is Speedy helping the team by taking the exact term and how much money he takes home, but, it is restructured that a lot of his salary is taken in a signing bonus up front which saves Speedy a pile of taxes.
So Speedy's take home pay is the same and what tax savings are incurred would be Cap savings for the team.
MTL has done this with multiple players

It is all right here

[url=] ... contracts/[/url]

When has an agent not used the media to pressure a team when holding out ?


Drew EdwardsVerified account ?@scratchingpost 7m7 minutes ago
#Ticats coach Kent Austin says its “most likely? that @speedybanks87 will be back in time for second pre-season game vs #Redblacks. #CFL

100% a Family Issue , the things people write :confused: