Brandon Banks 5th all time in return TDS

Just watched Drew Edwards post game blog and he dropped some interesting numbers I wasn’t aware of.

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With Speedy’s punt return last night that marked his 9th return TD for his career (minus the like other 9 or so that have been called back lol Gizmo says bite me I know), but regardless that puts him fifth all time in return TDS, and also just 3 behind the legendary Earl Winfield.

First off it is pretty insane the run Banks has been on since he hit the league…Cats had Thigpen, then Chris Williams but then they found Banks (in between a few other real good returners who got hurt), and he has somehow made it very easy to forget Thigpen and Williams ever returned kicks in the Hammer. On top of that he will probably tie or surpass Earl the Pearl this year who is an absolute legend in Hamilton.

Point of my thread is how close do you think he will get to Gizmo?? He is far far away right now and I doubt he ever catches him, but how far can he climb?Can he at least catch Levingston who was amazing back in the mid 2000s? I am sure a few people have some flashbacks with that name. The list currently looks like this from what I can find (if it’s wrong please correct me):

Gizmo - 34
Bashir Levingston - 15 (correction)
Earl Winfield - 12
Brandon Banks - 9

Drew stated that Banks is averaging a return touchdown every 4 games, so if you do the math that’d be probably 5 this year adding two he already has, puts him up to 12 with Earl, then if he can average 4 per season for next 5 years that’d slot him 2 behind Gizmo, then he’d have to figure out how to score the other three. Not completely impossible I guess but still a long shot, he has proven he knows how to do it over, and over, and over again, just don’t know if he can continue to for 5 more season at this pace and with flags being thrown on nearly every freaking punt return.

Anyways just some food for thought, Brandon Banks has become my second favourite Tiger-Cat of all time behind Archie Amerson, just never want to be away from the TV or your seat when the ball is in his hands. Here’s to many more Speedy! :rockin:

No one will ever catch Gizmo.

Your numbers for Levingston are a little high.

Winfield stands out on this list as the only guy known best for his offensive abilities, with special teams being a sideline for much of his career. (Owens has arguably transitioned into the same category.)


He's soooo good.

Banks might if he stays in the league - and maintains his current productivity - as long as Gizmo did. Not sure that’s possible, though, so I suspect you’re right.

Thank you ExPat!

But you're absolutely right, Earl the Pearl could do it all.

[i]It’s just insane that Gizmo Williams has 32 kick return TDs!

No disrespect to Banks, but that is a record that will never be broken. [/i]

Over 14 years in the league. Average of 2.3 per season. Banks is averaging 4.6 per season. Double Gizmo's average.

Will Banks still be in the league after 14 years? Unlikely, but you never know. If he is, will he still be running back as many kicks for TDs? Again, unlikely, but...

But what if he sticks around for seven seasons and stays at this rate?

Never say never.

What’s even crazier is that Gizmo probably had just as many or more kick return TD’S negated and brought back by penalties than the 32 that counted. His final tally would’ve probably been closer to 50 or more if at least half of those returns weren’t called back by a flag or two.

Banks has a 25% chance of not being in the league next season. Probably an 80% chance of being out of the league in 3 years. The SMS has nade the CFL a league where the average career is now only 3 years. Levengston is safe, because either Banks becomes a full time reciever, or he is gone soon because the SMS will not allow someone to earn six figures as solely a return man.

Banks, one more maybe 2 TDS returns this year. Next year Maybe 2 at best. Year after zero and retires!
That would give him 13 so very close to Gizmo :cowboy: . Not really :rockin:

Gizmos record will never be broken but Livingston can be caught and Banks has a good shot at it.

Except he isn't solely a return man, he serves both as kick returner and wide receiver, and there is no reason to change this, and there is no reason not to pay him what he deserves. The main consideration is health, not financial.

WOW great performance by Banks but I have to tell you on many of his run backs I have noticed a few holds and the odd blocks from the rear happening that have been missed it is like the refs are watching something else then doing their jobs? But you can not take away the great performance of Banks even though he is a big cry baby :lol:

It's almost not fair how easily Hamilton finds these guys. You have to give some credit to their special teams as a group as well, to have that many guys come in and be successful tells me you're combining a great returner with a good blocking unit in front of him as well.

Show me a game where there haven’t been missed penalties on the majority of run backs. Some are marginal actions and some are well away from the ball carrier, but they do happen on almost every kick return. Just like there is holding on almost every play. It’s not did it happen, it’s was the perpetrator good enough to hide it from the officials.