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according to this straight from the main page of bramlet also got the axe, go to and bramlett is still listed on the roster and the press release from does not mention it.. is this just a case of having a tough time reaching the guy to notify him of his release or maybe someone spoke too soon again? lol. just curious.

Bramlet has been released. It's listed on the transactions page at I think it may be that they hadn't been able to contact him to tell him so they removed his name from the original press release but that's just a guess.

cool. thats what i was thinkin too. since its on the site i mean thats pretty official as official gets no? lol

Being in the transactions section would mean the paperwork has been processed by the league I would assume.

just gonna also say that saw a free press article that reported BOTH bishop and bramlet were released :slight_smile: so even more confirmation for sure.

H@L surely will have something on in a moment on :slight_smile:

heres the freepress link with video below actualy :slight_smile:

[url=] ... 92687.html[/url]