....Big guy ....looks too slow to be effective...unless he has something more he was hiding....not great...Needs more time and has to read the d faster.... :roll:

Not ready yet, but at least he has a idea of what to expect. Bishop looked better today, hopefully it continues.

I would have to say this is not bramlet's fault he has only been in BB for two weeks

Certainly, so why didn't we see Randall? Randall has been here all year and should have a better grasp of the Kelly playbook (there's your straight line everybody), but already Bramlett has had more playing time than Randall. At this stage we should either give Randall a real shot or cut him.

Not the answer but Dinwiddie would good right now.

Well he did get a hatrick in his first 3 passes,Incom/com/int. :stuck_out_tongue: I would have thrown him in for a series just to get his feet wet and a feel for the game,but would have gone back to Bishop,this was a must win,and Bishop was are best shot,but now that the year is over IMHO,because I dont know how the BB's can get 2 more win's than BC with 7 games left :cry: it's time for preseaon part 2 to start.

Bramlet will take the sack before forcing a throw, that is why Kelly likes him, unfortunately he just couldn't find any open receivers. I think he might turn out to be okay in time.

The very latest is that Kelly is going to try and bring most of Bramlets old team to Winnipeg, the Germany Sausage Blowers was the name of the team I believe, they won the big World Bowl :roll: Also I hear that the CFL Hall of Fame is getting a spot ready for a Bramlet early induction.

No way Bramlet was going to look good being thrown in the fire like this. Utterly ridiculous of Kelly to send Bramlet in when dropped balls and penalties were the main problems in the first half, not Bishop himself.

It is nigh impossible to evaluate a QB in these kinds of conditions.

i just hope bramlets confidence isnt shaken... dumb move to put him in i think

you cant comment on his future abilities based on this game...the motivation isnt there for this team right now and he was being thrown in against the best team that was already starting to dominate us... there is no way he can know the game, the recievers, or the playbook well enough to excell yet.... despite the incompletions and etc the one thing i love to see in a new qb that casey showed was his poise, even with the pocket collapsing around him and guys swatting at him he hung in there and kept his eyes downfield... didnt find anything, but hes trying... give him time then we will see if he can play in this league or not

....well... we see that Bryant was doggin it ....knew he was headed to the tried to stay healthy...Good for him...i hope he does well for cal....but at least we can see why there was one less option for Bishop and Bramlet today...see ya Romby ....don't let the door hit ya in the a$$ on the way out :lol: :lol:

Kelly was over heard saying Bramlet is a combination of Moon,Clements and Flutie, all rolled in to one. I suspect he will be out of the CFL before long.

But w :wink: ho first Kelly or Bramlet ?

Bramlet still has that NFL body coming up after NFL training camp. He's also probably unfamiliar with seeing so many defencive players go through the oline like that. Hopefully he'll work on his mobility. He performed only slightly worse than any other bomber QB playing this year. Not surprising since he's had only a couple of weeks. Another week or 2 and Kelly will have his stat line improved from 1 for 8 with 2 INTs to 3 for 8 with 3 INTs.

You can't blame Bramlet for the interception where Bryant let the Als defender take the ball from him. That was a pathetic effort on Bryant's part. Glad he's gone.

Both of them will be out of the CFL before midway point of next season, at the latest. Heck maybe Bramlet will be a project for some team? But Kelly gone I suspect, mind you they have to pay him I hear. What about demote him to asst, maybe he will quit!

btw qbs do not grow on trees as we all know. You cant just take someone and say we are going to develop this person in to a great qb, does not work that way. There is a degree of luck when you happen upon a great one, not something that can be taught imho.

The odds that any of the young qbs that Bombers might happen upon becoming a keeper, are very very low. The odds are against all of them, so with that reality its quite easy to predict that Bramlet will not be a keeper.

It was unfair to the kid to throw him in for such an extended audition against one of the top teams in the league and with only a few days' practice under his belt. Give him those 2 series at the end of the first half, fine, but they should have gone back to Bishop to start the second half.

Odd that he supplants Randall as the backup with only a few days' practice. . . is he that good (I sure didn't see any signs of that in the game) or is Randall that bad (in which case why do they keep him?)

Unrelated. . .I've been very critical of Craver on the corner this season. . . but I thought he played his best game of the season on Sunday.

The problem is that the entire offense is bad. The running game is getting blocked up, receivers are dropping balls and not winning battles, and the protection is somewhat less then amazing.

Saw the same thing in the Hamilton game this week. It shows up on the QB's numbers, but how is the QB to blame when he finds the open man, puts the ball in his hands, and the guy drops it? No QB is going to look good with stuff like that happening.

Bramlet looked exactly like he should for a rookie with 2 weeks of practice. The game was probably very fast for him. Couple all of that with a team that didn’t seem to be trying very hard and, well…

There will be no way to gauge what he’s got until the end of pre-season next year.

Exactly! The entire offence was flat again. Bryant in particular was TERRIBLE in this game. He could have come back for the short throw by Bishop, and he completely gave up on the Bramlet throw. Actually, by the looks of the replay, he caught it and handed it over to the Al's player. Didn't fight at all for that ball. I feel for Bramlet, as that would have been 2 good completions in a row.

I have a good feeling about Bramlet. I think Arti said it well on the previous post, what did we expect? I have a hunch he'll learn quickly how this league operates, and you don't learn (as fast) from sitting on the sidelines all game long. Full 3rd quarter was a little long, but the experience should serve him well. However, I had a good feeling about Kelly too when the year started :lol: