Bralon Addison WR

Bralon Addison on the field practicing today,,not sure if its in full gear or not,,

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Please, please, please...


Limited today according to injury report

Before last game he was also listed as having an illness. I hope he has recovered fully from that and has all the strength he can muster for Sunday.

The hamstring? I will leave that decision with the trainers and medical staff. I don't want to ask for an answer that may give away even the slightest inkling of his situation to the bummers. We'll see how many receivers we can dress if needed.

I really think if Addison can play that he is a game changer and a player Dane can rely on and is familiar with. I hope Bralon gets a few full instead of limited practices in and then is able to play on Sunday.


The question I'm sure has been asked bunch....Who sits? You can't take white out imo he's been our best WR this year overall. Dunbar maybe? He's been solid but might be the one out.

Addison limited again today. Still chance he plays

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My vote is that he doesn’t play unless he can run pass routes at full speed without re-injuring himself. Roster spots are too valuable.


I hope Acklin has a repeat of the last game. He was awesome against Toronto. Even Matt Dunigan really likes him and that’s saying a lot.

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They may be easing him into being ready. Same thing they did with Ciraco. Limited in 3 practice days for east semi and then he started

You could take out Papi White & use Tim White on returns & rotate him with Dunbar on offence.

With Papi having the big return TD and providing a boost on special teams there’s no way he comes out

It's far more likely he sits than Tim White does

Dunbar has 31 yards and a fumble in 2 playoff games.
He sits and it is without hesitation if Addison can go.

If they start Tunde and Stavros then they can bring another American on the roster to fill the spot of Desmond Lawrence. Addison and Papi can stay on the roster

Who backs-up Adeleke and Kats? Daly? Much as I like the guy, he's not near the same level as the younger guys.
Better to sit Dunbar, and hope Addison can last the entire game.

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We’ll have to see what they do come Saturday.

Agree. I like Daly, but I think he should hang 'em up.

Is orlondo keeping Addison as limited in practice so that the bombers are less prepared for Addison or is Addison still a no go .

As much as I want Addison to play, if he can’t run at full speed. Better to put a healthy player in there. Dunbar has had a few good games this year and is a big target, might have to play him if Addison isn’t ready.

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