Bralon Addison status

Anyone heaR anything on the extent if BrOoms injury?
Serious ? Hamstring? Worse?
Potential time away

If it is serious i say trade with edmonton for Ellingson. Or walker
Or rj Harris from ottawa
It is Grey cup year in the hammer

We could trade with ott or Edmonton for olinemen, receiver , import rb , non import placekicker

Edmonton nAtional. O'donnell would be a good oline pickup or mcmillan from ottawa if healthy
We need to go all in and win the next 4 Games including in Toronto to get first place with a bye and. Home eastern final

Just a few days before the trade deadline

S any thoughts or proposals with these 2

Ticats’ receiver Bralon Addison ruled out with hamstring injury | 3DownNation it is a hamstring injury

One or two players aren’t going to help us this year.

If only we weren't in such a hurry to get rid of Posey.


Imagine they bring Papi White back on the game roster or maybe Marcus Green

They could help with depth where ticats are lacking some depth at certain spots like national oline

Posey caught 1 of 5 attempts for 4 yards in his BC debut.
Orlondo perfers the White guys better.

Posey is getting older too And White guys no doubt had a smaller salary too

That may be what he told the press, but the fact is, Posey was cut when Addison came back onto the active roster, along with Banks.

"Meanwhile, both Brandon Banks and Bralon Addison practiced for the team this week, putting Posey on the wrong side of the numbers game."

Relying on a second year player (Acklin) as your most experienced receiver isn't a smart move. Although I think Dunbar & the Whites have played well,
Banks has looked off all year. Posey should have been kept assuming he was going to be healthy soon.

His BC debut isn't a fair measure of his worth, since it was his first game with a new playbook. Additionally, his contract was cap-friendly, so the "salary dump" explanation makes no sense.

Yup... this was a very poorly thought out move. Gonna bite us in the ass now. He is a larger target with lots of experience. Never made sense to me to let him go.

He is getting older and has had multiple injuries

Plus White has some chemistry with our QBs. That's probably worth more than an Elingson can bring to the table at this point. I do like the idea of bringing in some back up nationals for the O Line.

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Yeah I'm a big ellingson fan but having chemistry with QB's is more important, extra depth at National on OL and maybe a extra national at DT would be more helpful

exactly that was a stupid move

Posey wasn't healthy till Prior to being released so didn't earn his spot on roster like others did

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ya but he is a vet so nothing to prove.

Never played a full cfl season

Vets have to earn there roster spot also

White had 6 catches for 89 yards (leading the team) vs . the Mooses , Reindeers , whatevers .
Management kept the right guys .

Pat Lynch (the old person)


Coaches did say that White outplayed Posey in practice hence Devier’s release. Still wonder if he would have been a good guy to have in reserve going into the post season.