Bralon Addison released

With the extra draft choices we got from the Manziel deal, going over the cap might not hurt that much.

But there’s only so far a team can go before it starts to hurt. Plus there’s the whole “you paid him X last year, so this year I’m thinking I should be paid…” from all the other stars on the team. And really, if a player really thinks he can make the team in the NFL, there’s not much a CFL team can offer him to entice him to stay.

I suspect that Addison told the team he wasn’t going to re-sign, and that he wasn’t even going to test free agency. Holding him to his contract until February would create an adversarial situation a la Chris Williams. (Yes, different situation, but similar in a way.) You think there’d be a chance he’d sign with us in September, next year, the year after if they did that? This way, there’s a good chance he’ll be back someday.

The cats don’t stand in anyone’s way if it’s beneficial to the man be it President coach player or water boy n that’s why they get respect

Well, there was that one guy a few years ago. But that was a different GM/coach, who had just taken over and may have been trying flex his muscles.

Maybe the team’s management learned something from that experience.

Right. “A few years ago” the franchise had a very difficult time finding, signing and retaining talent.

Big difference between a guy who’s a free agent in 3 weeks and a guy under contract for another season.

Good night, brothers.
Gerbear tells me there’s this Shumpert fella who’s gonna make Bralon Addison just a little more ether in my clouded brain.
Bye, bye.

Just a matter of scale. But yes, as I said, a different situation. But there was an implication that a promise made by the previous GM was broken when the new GM took over.

These side deals and releases is nonsense that has to stop.

This situation is different because of the CBA that the league screwed up.

If this league is serious about ever losing the “bush” label these things have to be clear and followed by all clubs.

Is there a reason the league doesn’t change free agency to end of December / first of January? Wouldn’t this prevent all these issues with early releases from contracts?

Wondered the same thing.

Christmas/New Years and enjoying a stress free time with your family might have something to do with it.

I’m not sure why everyone is rejecting Frank’s ideas. As far as I can tell, he is simply suggesting that we pay our 2nd-best receiver 2-3 times as much as we pay our (league MOP) best receiver, and more than we pay any of our QBs.

As they say, everyone is entitled to an opinion.

It also allows teams time to resolve any coaching issues before they start signing free agents.

You don’t have to allow free agent signings in order for the contract to be officially declared over.

Players are free agents from Dec 31 and signings can start Feb 1.

Would make sense. But I wonder if the timing with all the US college bowls is part of the reason, too much going on as scouts,GMs, some coaches make the rounds down there. Not to mention trying to get in contact with players and agents during Christmas and New Years if you were to move free agency forward as someone else had mentioned. February gives the teams some time to formulate their plans for who they want to bring back or bring in.

Probably helps keep things 'clean’and easy to track in terms of cap spending as we saw with Masoli being resigned by Dec 31 with 2019 cap impacts.

Ticats’ Orlondo Steinauer believes receiver Bralon Addison can make an impact in the NFL

“He is what he is on tape. He’s a playmaker, he’s versatile, he has great hands. You either like what you see on tape or you don’t. You can find flaws in any player if you look for them. I will say that Bralon is a gamer and if given an opportunity he’ll do great things, that’s just speaking on the field,? Steinauer said.

Are you new the the CFL? This happens all the time. And unless you have millions to offer these players, then they’re going to try the NFL when they can.

Remember… none of these American players grew up dreaming of playing in the CFL. They’re Americans, and they would obviously prefer to play in their own pro league that pays a lot more money.

Oh, I am hardly new to the CFL? I’m old enough to have had a neighbour named John Barrow, an All-American from the U of Florida who came to Hamilton because he was offered more money to sign here and to stay here than in the NFL, but that was well over 50 years ago.
All that you’re telling me - much higher salaries in the States, the lifelong dream of Americans to play in the premier league of real football - I said myself in this thread.
I started the thread and hope to end it with this. Year-after-year, it’s distressing for a CFL fan who wants his team to maintain a winning consistency to lose players to the NFL, last year’s AAFL, the old XFL, the new XFL, or multiple arena football leagues, or more commonly, see half of his team’s starters on the CFL’s free agency shopping list every February.
I don’t need to told again-and-again that nothing can be done about it, but I do have a right to express my annoyance with it.

There is a small minority of CFL fans out there that actually wish less success and money onto other human beings for the sake of keeping these players for their own personal entertainment value.

I am truly disgusted by these people.

Honestly… what if one of these players came to you and asked you to take a lesser paying job just to suit their preferences? Would you do it?

Players are human beings first. Period. It’s their life, and if you cannot genuinely respect their right to do what they want, then I don’t even know what to tell you.

I’m 100% pro-CFL, but I’m also a rational human being.