Bralon Addison released

1400+ yards of offence gone.
Why does every year have to be a rebuilding year?

This was done both as a favour to Bralon and also to show potential FA American players the team will do what is best for them. He would have been a FA on Feb 11, and, by releasing him now he has a greater chance to catch on in the NFL. If that does not happen, knowing the kind of players the Ticats have, I am sure he would consider a “team discount” to re-sign with us. This is good news, not bad news. I hope he stars in the NFL as it would shine a positive light on the CFL and the Ticats specifically.

Sure Mike, but the constant turnover drives me nuts.
That’s not a ‘drive.’
It’s a short putt.

Your “short game” had better be good or your “drives” are meaningless.

The Ticats have a plan. What it is can’t be shared as it would give other teams a competitive advantage. Our receiving corps still looks marvellous even without BA. Hopefully he rejoins us before training camp. but if not, the next Bralon Addison might look to us because of what we did for him.

And to prove I am really, really old - Keep the faith baby.

If “he rejoins us before training camp” that would mean no NFL team has any interest in him, since their training camps start in August. That’s not a great “plan.”

The fact that Delvin Breaugh came back after leaving on good terms proves the wisdom of the Cats’ move here…

Worked with Ryker…

This could be close to the kind of $$$ that Bralon will be getting
Probably over 10 times his CFL salary

Sorry, I’m being so obtuse. That resulted in the Tiger Cats losing Breaux’s services for a few years. My “plan” would have been to sign Bralon yesterday with a healthy raise. That way, he’s ours for the next couple years, he has no uncertainty about making an NFL team, and all other CFL teams drop the name B.Addison from their free agency plans.

I’m going to be a dog with a bone here, Grover.
There are some but very few receivers in the NFL who are 5’9" 195 lbs. Stanback’s 235 pounds of muscle fits the NFL running back prototype.

A healthy raise in the CFL would still not come close to the potential of making an NFL team, even if he only dresses for a handful of games.

I, for one, will support him in his NFL career if he makes it - like I did with Thigpen, Breaux, McIntyre, even Williams, and like I do still with Harris. But yes, if he doesn’t make it, I really hope he remembers the way the Ticats treated him and re-signs with us.

I guess I’m not a very good person. I will only support him if he plays for the Tiger Cats. In 2016, Bralon tried out for the Broncos and got cut. Then, the Bears picked him up and put him on their practice squad for the full 2016 season. He dressed for two games in December. The Bears paid him $66,741 for his service.
This year, the average NFL practice squad player earned $102,000. If Bralon is able to make an NFL active roster, he will earn a minimum of $495,000 - I acknowledge, not at all the kind of money the TiCats can pay for a receiver. But of course, that’s if he makes a team this time.
Bralon Addison not only has ‘made’ the Hamilton Tiger Cats, he has become the team’s second most dangerous offensive player.
All these kids have the dream - to be an NFL star. But dreams have no guarantees. Legal contracts do.

A big loss but he likely will be back. This might increase the chances the Ticats sign Tasker.
We have Jalin Marshall , Marcus Tucker , and Shumpert that could step in and not lose too much.

Addison would likely be asking for over 200 k so we can now use that money towards signing J’Gared Davis, Adeleke, Wynn, Laurent, and Frankie Williams.

I understand your frustration, but that’s the CFL. All teams allow any player that wants an NFL shot to take it. They usually return to the team that released them if it doesn’t pan out.

It sucks that we lose some continuity, but unless the CFL starts matching NFL salaries or st least coming close but gurranteeing contracts, we’re not in a position to deny players.

Many players may not even try the CFL if they thought they would be stuck here unable to chase a future NFL opportunity. Remember, the playing window is narrow for most players, opportunities available today may not be there next season.

Braylon is reported to be trying out with the 49ers this Tues.

An NFL tryout 5 days his release. Is that all part of the TiCats’ “plan” to get him back that you guys were telling me about?

no, the plan would be because you treated him fair, if it doesn’t work out in the NFL, you hope he would return.

this is really not complicated, and certainly not rare.

players get released to go to the NFL…and if it doesn’t work out, then they come back.

how you treat them makes a difference in their return.

See Sinkfield, Breaux, etc.

Agree 100%

I just can’t content with the ‘If you love someone, set him free…’ mentally. I can’t tell you whether the Cats offered Bralon a decent increase in pay - none of us can, but throwing as much money as the team could afford for their 2nd best receiver would be my way of showing “good faith.”
Of course, if I was any team’s GM, I’d be the guy saying, “Isn’t the salary cap just a suggestion?”

No reasonable CFL contract would be enough to keep him here long term. He’s not at that point in his career.

He was a free agent, he deserved the right to see that out. The cats did him a favour for a few weeks but it was inevitable that he would end up here.