Bralon Addison Injury

Injury report on Bralon Addison reveals an achilles injury.Doesn,t say how bad it is though.

I always thought of an achilles injury as 1 year rehab.

Max Pacioretty of the NHL was announced with having the same surgery yesterday with a return date of 6 months.

Hate to say it but this may be career ending. :frowning:

Still young enough to mount a comeback. As with all injuries like this it seems we get better at repairing them and faster at healing them.

Lets see what they say his prognosis and time line for healing are as he is still young enough to come back.....

I might have to do with the severity of the injury.


If I’m not correct does anyone remember last year or year before when Sask had like 3-4 players with the same injury in camp

You are correct
From 2021

Lokombo and Dean returned this year. Not sure what became of the other two.

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I found this interesting and Googled around a bit. Apparantly you can have either a full or partial tear of the Achilles tendon. That would certainly affect the timeline in regards to the healing process. Hopefully Addison only had a minor tear and will be ready by training camp.


Anyone know if Addison was 1 year deal or two?

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Signed a 2 year in Dec 2020 so contract expires in feb 2023

So he’s a free agent.. two 8njured seasons in a row donno if I bring him back or not..

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Thanks for keeping us all informed Stein!!! This organization becomes more of a joke everyday.

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Just read the following article on TSN's website:

Towards the end of the article, there is a reference to Bralon Addison's injury:
Bralon Addison revealed . . . "he suffered a ruptured Achilles' tendon injury in last week's game and will require season-ending knee surgery."
I am not a medical professional, nor am I a journalist, but I am going to assume that this is another example of top shelf Canadian Sports journalism, and that no one bothered to proofread this article before it was posted on line. Because the last time I checked, the Achilles' tendon and the knee were separated by a calf muscle (Gastrocnemius), as well as the not so insignificant tibia & fibula bones.

But if the statement in the article (attributed to Canadian Press) is indeed accurate, and some orthopedic surgeon is proposing to repair Bralon Addison's Achilles' tendon via knee surgery, then:

  1. I formally apologize to the Canadian Press for my disparaging comment about their degree of professionalism; and
  2. I suggest that Tiger-Cats' management immediately checks the credentials of the orthopedic surgeon before they allow this surgery to proceed. As a minimum, please confirm that this individual is not an Argos' fan . . . assuming that such an animal is not completely extinct.

All kidding aside . . . many prayers for Mr. Addison :pray: & best of luck with the surgery & subsequent rehab :+1: