Bralon Addison:injury

Anyone know what Bralon Addison injury status is and when he,s expected back on the field.

I am wondering the same. I hope he is doing okay.

He was on the sidelines with a walking cast on and crutches. Injury report just out says it's an Achilles injury. Unsure of the seriousness.

Achilles injury,not sure how bad it is yet,,

You can bet his season is over. The question is will he be ready for the start of next season, and if so, will he even be the same player? Achilles injuries can end careers.

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Well Larry Dean managed to come back and is having a decent year in Sask. He’s probably got at least a couple years on Addison as well. Think these things are close to a full year to heal though so wouldn’t expect to see him in training camp.

I remember Geroy Simon getting an Achilles injury in a preseason game against us while he was starting out with the Bombers. It’s definitely tough to come back from but not necessarily a career ender. In the meantime, this team needs someone to step up big time. Still hopeful Anthony Johnson comes back in the fall and can put together some decent numbers.


Yup definitely season and possibly career ending injury . Basically in a nutshell the absolute without a doubt worst receiving corp on any team in the entire league just got worse with this injury . What makes it even worse is the WR cupboard is absolutely bare with no depth or replacements in sight .

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Mike Jones was full at practice today, so there is that


Receiving group with Addison was fine IMO.

I know you don't care for 2021 CFL East all star Timmy White but with All star, Addison and emerging star Dunbar jr that was a fine 3...if they had an OC that was half way decent.

And this was news this morning. Carolina Hurricanes forward Max Pacioretty will undergo surgery to repair a torn Achilles on Wednesday and will be sidelined for six months as a compare.