Braley wants to sell

From TSN,

Braley would like to sell Lions, Argos in next three years

Current BC Lions and Toronto Argonauts owner David Braley told TSN's Dave Naylor he would like to sell at least one and maybe both of his teams in the next three years.

According to a report in the Hamilton Spectator, the 72-year-old Ontario Senator told supporters at a Progressive Conservative fundraiser in Hamilton that he will sell his two CFL franchises by the time he is 75.

Braley said he has seven people interested in buying the Lions and three people interested in the Argonauts. Selling the financially stable Lions will be easy but it could be a different story with the Argos, with the team still losing money.

Braley anticipates the Argos will eventually make money once a new stadium is secured for the franchise. He said three communities are looking at land for the new stadium and a location, as well as the finances to secure the new stadium, should be completed within a year.

Both the provincial and federal governments are expected to help finance a new stadium.

I hope Braley holds on to the Argos long enough to get them into a new, right-sized stadium (or revamped BMO Field). He is the guy with the know-how and connections to get all the municipal, provincial and federal politicians together long enough to get something done. And, no, there isn’t a businessperson in their right mind that would build a football stadium without government involvement.

Sadly Toronto is not a CFL football town anymore. There are way too many other sports and things to do. The commish needs to be looking at options other than Toronto.

I think the Argos can work with a football specific stadium that isn't in the congested downtown area that is saturated with pro sports teams.

The only way the Argo's would work in the City of Toronto is in a new Stadium maybe at Ontario Place and built in conjunction with the revamped waterfront development of the CNE and Ontario Place.

Pretty much all other locations in Toronto are spoken for or already developed with the only other possibility of Downsview Park at the 401 and Allan Road. All other possible stadium locations are outside the City in either Mississauga, Vaughn or Pickering.

BMO Field, York University, U of T have all said they are not interested in developing their stadiums for expansion to the CFL.

If Braley sells the Argo's to MLSE they have already said they would want an NFL team in Toronto along with the CFL Argo's and therefor will want an NFL size stadium to be built to facilitate an expansion or relocated NFL team and the Argo's.

The only two areas in the City to accommodate transit and parking would be the CNE/Ontario Place or

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This picture was taken before they added the End zone seats just below that scoreboard. There is a small walkway behind Gate 5 in front of the Food Building it would be impossible to fit in a CFL field.

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No question, BMO is not going to work. Thankfully!!! :thup:

Anything is possible given enough time, money and motivation...
So far, I haven't seen anything from the City of Toronto, MLSE or the Toronto Argonauts to indicate that BMO Field has been definitely eliminated from consideration as a possible future home for the Argos. Those parties, along with the federal and provincial governments, are the decision makers in this case and, until they declare that BMO Field is not an option, it remains a distinct possibility IMO.

the possibility also exists for BMO to add upper decks to enhance capacity and viewer experience, rather than end zones.

where there is a will, there is a way...

Braley has handed in his resignation and wants to spend more time at his Florida home. Selling the Argos and Lions will be his next priority.

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Hey Mike,

Nowhere in that article does it mention David's intention to divest himself of either CFL team. He's just tendered his Senate resignation. I'm assuming that that is your speculative opinion?

He is obviously shopping the Arse-Os but he can easily run the Lions from Florida during the winter.

Heck, to have a winter place in Florida and a summer place in Vancouver sounds ideal!

I wonder if Bon Jovi is one of the three buyers interested in the Argos.

Seriously though, I hope it's not BMO. That place screams minor leagues to me. Even seeing it from the Gardiner, it looks like it was built from a giant erector set. On the other hand, no one in their right mind would build or help to build a new CFL stadium in TO. The only way I could see it happening in this city is in conjunction with an event like the Pan Am games.

I think a new stadium would only be realistic if the team moves outside the city to a place like Markham or Oshawa.

An Argo-Cat fan

BMO needs upgrading, obviously, and I don’t think MLSE wants to do it alone since they don’t actually own the building. Anyways, don’t blame Braley for getting out of the Senate, I’m so sick of turning on the news and listening to the Senate scandal, tiresome.

Not in the same article, but this one:

In the article above he wants to sell WITHIN 3 years. He also said he would stay in the Senate until the end of the term in 2016, but has decided to quit the Senate early to spend more time with his family and his home in Florida rather than stay to the end of his term .....and he's looking to sell his teams.
So what speculation are you talking about? Is he not selling the Argos and the Lions and also quitting the Senate to spend more time with his family?

But MLSE wants to expand BMO for TFC with more seating and I assume that means an upper deck and a roof. The issue with the Argos in there would be the grass field and the shorter end zone and they have the ex-Mayor Miller who is trying to stop any attempt by the Argos to play there.

The fact that Braley wants to sell the Lions and Argos within the next three years (by the time he is 75) is hardly earth shattering news. He said as much on a BC Lions pregame show two years ago.

Miller will have little effect since he is not in a position of power. All he can do is badmouth Braley, the Argos, Leweike, get more of his TFC buds to cancel seasons tiks, go all nutso in the press etc. But that is all. The true 90 percent of TFC fans, like any great fans of any team in any sport, will stick with the team through issues they don't like with the team whether that be not signing a player etc. The stadium situation is just another issue as all teams have.

I respect David Miller's supposed and most likely very truthful"passion" for his soccer team but whatever, even Rob Ford stripped of most of his powers has more power in Toronto than David Miller. I know nothing about the man and know nothing of how much he wants to be in the media as someone who no longer is the Mayor.

Congratulations to Mr. Braley for his integrity in resigning his Senate seat.

Yes, the Senate has now turned into a 3 ring circus and farce really.


Get as far away as possible from the crook that put him there...