Braley to sell the BC Lions?

The Globe and Mail is reporting that David Braley may sell the BC Lions. Possible buyers include a local group and also his son:

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Maybe he'll buy his hometown team.....I hear the city has offered a brand new, waterfront stadium....

#1...who cares.
#2...Braley already owned the Cats & he isn't coming back to buy a team & help a city / fabbase that's in shambels!

** Prime example: Show up for a Labour day sell out & don't show up for the #1 vs #2 team game....the so called "fans" of the Cats should be ashamed......& I don't means those of us that go to every game.....I mean the "fickle" fans of the Ticats.


23000 is a good crowd. If we get a 25000 seat stadium at Aberdeen (which is probably going to happen, according to today's Spec), it will be sold out routinely.