Braley To Buy Argos ??

8) The Globe and Mail is reporting that David Braley could be close to buying the Argos.
   The Globe has confirmed that Argo owners David Cynamon and Howard Sokolowski, want to unload

    the team, and Braley is the man interested in buying it.

   If Braley could not sell his BC Lions, he could still buy the Argos.  The possibility of double ownership
    is possible, since the CFL does not bar such an arrangement  !!!

    Very interesting scenario developing here, for sure !!!

See TSN looks like they want out and are willing to sell low. They re looking at a few other options. In all honesty who would want to buy that team. The CFL does need a strong Toronto market, but I think it'll survive with or without them. Could they possibly relocate maybe? I wonder if Bob were to sell at this point as well if he'd have to sell low or possibly consider relocation from another owner. I can't see anyone being too interested in either team at this point.

Awful time to sell. Terrible on the field and getting worse in the seats. Although, I guess the memory of the high-point of the team hasn't completely vanished.

With a half decent team, they can pull 30,000.

It's such a shame that, like here in Hamilton, the on-field product spoils a lot of the strong efforts off the field. I think the potential value of the Argos lies within an owners ability to cozy up to MLSE and get into BMO Field.

Maybe David2008 will make an offer

no thanks are not interested in buying those twits are goes....

If Braley or his Son does buy the Argos, they had better bring Wally Buono along for the ride.

Going by Dave Naylor's revelation several weeks ago, Braley already owns half of them anyway. All it will take is to have a few papers signed with some lawyers fees and its fait accomplished. Of course the other owners would have to approve the new owner. :wink:

Anyone know how Bob Young and David Braley get along? Just curious.

slodrive2 you are correct in my opinion they have to move to BMO field. They are adding a grass field at BMO so I don't know if the soccer boys would want the Argos there chewing up there field

Looks like the owners want to dump the Argos and go after the Pheonix Coyotes.

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Let's face it, it's going to be a difficult sale. They'll have to give away the team. The only real interest in the Toronto area is for the Bills and the NFL. My guess they will go under. It's too bad that the Ottawa stadium deal was not happening sooner the team could move to Ottawa and the CFL could stay with the even 8 teams.

I know others won't share this view but if Hamilton doesn't get the Pan-Am Games, I think Bob Young and David Braley, assuming he owns the Argos, should think about going in on one excellent stadium somewhere in the GTA/Hamilton area. And bring in other partners as well of course. But I agree there are downsides to this scenario, no question.

It is my understanding that Brailey is the one that recruited Bob to buy the Cats.

It is just too much to ask anyone (David, Howard, Bob Young) to sustain millions of dollars in losses every year.

The league needs to divide the TV money differently to support the Southern Ontario franchines.

16 Million from TSN divided up...

$4M to the Argos
$3M to the TC.
$1.5M for the other 6 teams.

This would allow the teams in Southern Ontario, who provide the majority of the TV Advertising Dollars, to survive.

I am starting to think the only other option in Southern Ontario is for the NFL to come to Toronto with the guarentee (from the owners) that they will support the CFL - ensure the Argos and the TC break even.

Build an 80,000 seat stadium with an average ticket price of $125. Include in that a $5 CFL fee - $3 or which goes to the Argo's, $2 goes to the TC.

80,000 x 10 games x $5 = $4,000,000 - $2.6M to the Argos. $1.6M to the TC's.

Sad but true.

Out the frying pan... and into the fire!!

8) Inside rumours indicate that Braley will own the Argos in a few weeks !!
 Whether or not he can unload the Lions, is another question.

From a Globe article the other day:

[i]Braley has said on several occasions that when the time comes to sell the Lions, he will look for a football fan with a community mindset, someone who will be a trustworthy caretaker. He has estimated the value of his franchise at $15-million, and says as many as 15 interested parties exist, half residing in B.C.

One such person is Vancouver Canucks chairman Francesco Aquilini, who is interested in buying the Lions and had lunch with Braley last month.

“It’s not for sale now,? Braley said when approached recently about the Lions. “When the time comes, I’ll pick the person with the same passion as me. And he’ll have to look after it properly. He doesn’t have to be local, but it’s preferable."[/i]

While that's an easy argument to make, I'm not sure the facts back it up. TV ratings and Bills-Toronto sales would probably contest this opinion -- at least somewhat.

I'm not saying that the NFL couldn't/ wouldn't do decently in Toronto, but I believe the root of the problem is general indifference to all teams but the Leafs. Raptors and Jays don't exactly endear themselves to the masses either and face an uphill battle for attention.

The Argos still -- despite 2 years plus of pathetic football -- are averaging 26,000. Put that in a 'CFL' sized stadium and you have a pretty good atmosphere. And that's down 10% from last year. People underestimate the popularity of the Argos. They are just play in a massively cluttered pond.

Personally, I don't think the CFL would be the same without the Argos -- and their survivial should be assured at virtually all expense.

No question slo, the Argos in a BMO type stadium, it would be great to see. I don't know, maybe that's the call C & S put out for other investors, they would be willing to go into a BMO expansion if there were some other partners to put some millions into it.

who would want to buy that joke of a team